People Open New Doors for You

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Each person is unique in their very own way, therefore by accessing them, new doors open for you. Each individual has their own unique perspective, their own ways of thinking, their own life experiences, their own expertise, and their own social circles, much different than what you are used to. What these very different people […]

To Live a Productive Life

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Living life is not about being timid, you need to be bold and productive in everything that you do. Never do things half-ass. If you are to put your time into something, give it a 100%, always. Be present in the moment and forget about everything else, and just focus on doing it. This is […]

Thoughts I had Yesterday

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Yesterday I was walking through downtown Vancouver, thinking is this all there is to this life. Just looking at these people walking through downtown. I wondered what was going on in the minds of these people. Do they have their focus on what’s really important in their life? Moreover, do they have their priorities in […]

To Reveal Your Destiny

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Philosophically, what is success? Is it a part of our destiny? Success is thought to be attaining what we desire but is that really true? These mental manifests of what we desire come from society and what everyone around us expects us to do. It may also come from a burning desire to attain something […]

Welcome Letter

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Welcome to Common Grip: Your Second Home. We all live in a fragmented world, with society being so complicated, the media showing us conflicting things, with people and nations being torn apart, we wonder when and where we can ever feel safe. Even our own homes don’t feel like home sometimes. I want to say, […]

How do I Overcome Life Challenges?

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When life comes at you, you have 2 choices: either to Run or to Face It. Challenges are inevitable in life, without them there would be no growth. Is it not fun when you can grow? Of course it’s painful. Of course it’s stressful. Of course it’s scary. But we all have to face them. […]

Paying Attention to the Signs

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Life gives us clues as to the next steps we should take. These clues give you guidance on what’s best for you. You have the choice of acting on that advice. As you get more experienced, you will learn how to interpret these signs and to heed their guidance because many of the times they […]

What is Personal Development and why is it so important?

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First of all, personal development should not even be a word because it is life itself. To live is to grow, to expand, continually and forever until decline. Do you ever see a tree stop growing? Growth and Development is called living, it’s only natural. Humans have the great ability to destroy themselves and to […]

What Happens to Souls in the Afterlife that Commit Suicide

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Natural Death happens when the soul is fully grown and ready. Death is a time of transformation much like when the caterpillar turns into a cocoon, waiting to become a butterfly. There is the 2 week period where the soul is still in this plane thinking as if it were still human. During this 2 […]

Everyday Habits to a Strong and Positive Mindset

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Having a strong and positive mindset doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time. In order for this mindset to be set in stone, you must first practice achieving it and keeping it there. A mindset is a habit. That’s what they say by a habitual way of thinking. We must make a strong and positive mindset […]