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Welcome Letter

Welcome to Common Grip: Your Second Home. We all live in a fragmented world, with society being so complicated, the media showing us conflicting things, with people and nations being torn apart, we wonder when and where we can ever feel safe. Even our own homes don’t feel like home sometimes.

I want to say, let this website be your second home, to be your safe place of refuge, where you don’t feel judged, where you don’t feel forced or coerced to think a certain way. Let this be the place where you can say whatever you want to say anonymously. Feel free to express yourself and to express your opinions. We want to hear from you.

We want you to live good. We’re not telling you to do anything. We just post what’s working for us. We write to record the ancient knowledge and to distribute it throughout the world for free. These ancient drops of wisdom are nothing the mainstream teaches us. This wisdom is so pure yet so simple, yet so true. We must keep our lives simple as well.

Society teaches us a lot of garbage. Society teaches us the wrong things. They do this on purpose so that they control you. They always have you chasing for more, making you feel empty. Then that equals a need for more, more, more. But when is more ever enough? When more becomes the mindset, nothing is ever enough. That’s why we are destroying our planet for this endless mirage of more wealth, more power, and more money.

The Native People of all across the world lived the right way. The lived simple lives yet they were all fulfilled. They took care of their land and lived off their land. They had everything, except we took everything from them and decimated their land, their culture, and their Heritage. It is Our Mission to bring that knowledge back and to help society to realize what is of true importance.

But time is running out. The Native Elders who hold the information are already at an old age. We must record their information and knowledge before it’s too late. Many Native Tribes are also getting extinct too. As society pushes into the jungles and modernizes these ancient cultures, soon there knowledge will be gone too. And when that happens, the whole world will be gone.

It is my mission to record this kind of information and knowledge and to distribute it for free all across the world. We are here to spread knowledge and to change the world and society in this way, in our own ways. We will create a ripple so big that how this whole world thinks will be greatly shifted. Let us all fulfill our duties on this Earth.

Best Regards,

Spencer Kumo

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I AM here to create a world where people are well-informed and well-educated to be able to make the right decisions

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