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Thoughts I had Yesterday

Yesterday I was walking through downtown Vancouver, thinking is this all there is to this life. Just looking at these people walking through downtown. I wondered what was going on in the minds of these people. Do they have their focus on what’s really important in their life? Moreover, do they have their priorities in the right place? Many people’s lives are focused only around people they know and themselves, leaving the rest of the people out there to suffer.

I want to find meaning in this Life

What is this Life?

I want to find something meaningful.

Something Real.

Something Lasting.

Many people don’t see what is truly important in this world.

What is important in their lives is Selfish, only for their own pleasure.

In this world, they need to be aware of what they don’t see.

In the First World Countries, people live off of the exploitation of others.

For how could we afford such great things?

A Banana from Ecuqdor is $2.99 and the manufacturer, exporter, and retail stores all make money from it.

What is left?

The workers who work in the Banana Farms only get a sliver of a hair strand.

Just by thinking this…

I have won the lottery of life just by being Born.

Born in Canada.

If I was born elsewhere, I may have suffered a different fate.

A different destiny.

People are people, no matter where they are born.

They all deserve to be taken care of and to be treated good.

No person should ever live in misery.

This is 2021. We have come too far.

We have enough wealth and resources to make everyone in this world happy.

There is no such thing as scarcity as scarcity is just a tactic of business.

Everything is abundant.

We can print infinite money.

The world should focus not on one’s selfish desires.

This world should focus on helping one another.

What is the point of one person getting ahead while leaving everybody behind.

The fate of the world all rests on what we all do.

If we all keep on focusing on meaningless stuff, what would this world look like in 20-25 years? As the masses are stuck focusing on the wrong things, the rich get richer, more powerful, until all this world is theirs. When each individual awakens and focuses on what is most important to this world is when the world will begin to change.

Spencer K.

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