The third dimension is called Trinity and was born from the 2nd dimension. Matias De Stefano explains: “Energy is light and vibration is sound, and when they both merged together, the duality of the positive and the negative created a new reality called matter. Matter was the shape of the universe and was the way in which the consciousness could move. This is when the mind and the polarity could experience everything that they were creating. Time became space and every perspective started to become experimental.

The Beginning of the Third Dimension

The 3D world learns through direct experience.
The 3D world learns through direct experience.

The beginning of the third dimension was when geometry was born. The purpose of geometry was to help the consciousness of the first dimension and the second dimension to have a plan. The creation of the 3rd dimension was when the cosmic plan was born. The cosmic plan doesn’t have a goal, the only plan that it has is to follow the lines of geometry, to have an order, to have a purpose, and to have a coherence of the movement of the experience.

The important thing about the third dimension is that its shape is that of a triangle with the highest point of the triangle being the third eye which oversees everything. The trinity of the universe starts as a way to understand where we are going to the path around the universe. These 3 patterns allow us to know the point that we have to get to in order to complete the whole geometric pattern. This is the moment when the spirit created the soul and the soul created the body.

Body, Soul, and Spirit

The body, soul, and the spirit is called the being, and the being is the 3 vibrations that will help the consciousness of the universe to understand itself through experience. The holy trinity is vibration, energy, and matter. These are the same things vibrating at different levels of consciousness. There is only one reality and each has its different ways of expression. Trinity: Mind, Body, and Soul is a tool that the consciousness of the universe has to experience itself from different levels of consciousness.

In the 3rd dimension, matter is the focus of the universe. Matter will be the patterns in which we have to go through step by step to experience the different parts of who we are. The patterns we are creating are our goals in this reality to create more experiences with every step. This is called evolution and it is to try to get better at that experience of learning and teaching in every geometric pattern we are going through. This is the first stage of where we are, creating the 3 patterns, which activates the spirit into a solid form.

Each corner of the triangle carries its own meaning, them being: 1) Vibration/ Spirit 2) Energy/ Soul, and 3) Matter/ Body. Therefore, trinity or 3D is one reality expressed in 3 different ways. Attaining this trinity, getting enlightened in all 3 parts of the triangle allows us to escape from the third dimension. This should be the primary focus during our life in this 3D world.

The Meaning of Life in the Third Dimension

In this 3rd dimension, you need to experience all of the lines and spots that created that geometry, in this case the triangle. If you haven’t finished with this geometry, you have to try again in the next life, and that is what you call karma. Karma is not something that is bad, it means to learn. Karma is all these things that you haven’t learned yet, so when you have learned it, it becomes dharma. The only way to understand the whole reality is if you experience every spot and line in this geometry through your lives in different times and spaces.

The third dimension is the place where you have to practice coherence. Coherence is the most difficult and the most important thing that you could ever have in the 3rd dimension because it means to be aligned with the heritage of the soul, spirit, and body. In the third dimension, you need to experience every single possibility of these 3. Aligning the soul, spirit, and body into one should be the sole focus of this life.

The Trinity: Spirit, Soul, Body
The Trinity: Spirit, Soul, Body

In the middle of the triangle is a spot called the Mission. This mission means that we need to focus on just one thing during this life which is to find the different parts of who we are. Finding who we are is the most important thing during this life. Although we do this automatically just by living and going through life, one must contemplate even further to find the true meaning behind all of this. The moment we realize what our life was about is during the last moments of our death. This only happens for a split second, and during this time your entire life will flash right in front of your eyes, all the way from the beginning to the end and then you will get the aha of why you lived this life.

The unique part about living in the third dimension is that this is the only dimension which learns through direct experience. This can be said to be one of the toughest dimensions to live in because we live and breathe the part and feel everything that life throws at us. Every action that we take has a reaction and that in turn brings something to us. The whole point of the third dimension is to experience as many things as we possibly can and to live as many lives as we possibly can so that we can experience more. The 3rd dimension is the dimension that allows experimentation through direct experience.

So I say to you right now, while we are living in this third dimension we must experience and learn as much as possible and to embrace life for whatever it throws at us. 3D is the most important dream that we could ever have. Do the things that you want and don’t be afraid of trying something new. Let nothing hold you back as the negative thoughts you have are just a mere illusion that stops you from where you want to be going. Once you get past your negative beliefs and thought patterns, you will find that anything is possible. Think about what you want from your life and go experience them. What do you want to experience from your life? Or where has your journey led you so far?

Yours Sincerely,

Spencer K.

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