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What Happens to Souls in the Afterlife that Commit Suicide

Natural Death happens when the soul is fully grown and ready. Death is a time of transformation much like when the caterpillar turns into a cocoon, waiting to become a butterfly. There is the 2 week period where the soul is still in this plane thinking as if it were still human. During this 2 week period, you must leave the dead body alone so that the soul can finish it’s unfinished business before they fully reach the afterlife. However if you commit suicide, it’s different.

If you choose to commit suicide, you soul is still premature and not ready for the full transcendence. Therefore the soul must fully mature without the body. Even when you die, your consciousness will still remain as it is now. You will be feeling as you were and thinking as you were before your death. If your thoughts are in a state of Hell right before death, you will be in a state of hell after death. People who have committed suicide have not matured as souls as they should have, therefore they are not able to break through to the other side.

Heaven is a State of Mind

You always have time to improve your life.
You always have time to improve your life.

What you feel now is what you will feel after death. That’s why if you kill yourself, your current ways will remain. Only when people die from a natural death are their souls really ready to go to the other side. Sudden death like committing suicide, getting murdered or dying in an accident are very tragic to the soul. When death happens this way, the soul just loses a body. They are still attached to their astral bodies though. That is what keeps them bounded to this Earth. The astral body is what we think are ghosts.

Only when the soul fully cuts the cords of the astral body do they get transported to the other realm but they cannot do that if their soul isn’t ready. A sudden death almost always leaves the soul to ponder and wonder about it’s life in the realms in between. This is a lonely and tumultuous process as they must go at it alone until their soul is fully ready to enter the other realm. They are not able to go fully to the other side so they must fix their issues and mature as souls without a body. When the soul has fully matured and is finally ready, they cut the cord to this world and go to the other side. That is when they forget everything about themselves and just melt into nothingness. They merge with the oneness.

I have to say, by observing these astral bodies/ ghosts for all my life, they are lonely. When they are in that state where they don’t have a body and can’t pass over to the other side, all they have is themselves. Other ghosts cannot see them. Living beings cannot see them. You will be all alone. Some souls can’t handle it and they go even crazier. Those ones usually remain alone on this plane for centuries. That is what happens when you take your life before you were meant to go. So don’t do it.

It’s much easier to remain alive because there are resources around you that you can use to help yourself. If you commit suicide, you have none of that. You will totally be alone, alone even in the darkest nights. You won’t sleep a wink because in the astral body, you don’t need to sleep. You will be constantly thinking and if your thinking is already bad, you will get into a worse mental state. I can tell you it will be absolute hell. Some of the ghosts I’ve seen are so gone, I don’t even have hope for them. Being alive and in a super bad position is still way better than taking your life and being a wondering soul. I can guarantee you that.

When you are alive, you have many chances. You have a lot of help. Use those. They are meant to be used. Life is easy. All you need to do is to live. To live until the end is the journey. Might as well enjoy it and make the most of it. Try your hardest and if you fail at something, who cares. Just keep on going. You have many years left. You have as many years as it takes for your soul to be fully ready to depart naturally. You never want to be one of those lost souls, trust me on this.

Your Life Capsule

When your soul is fully ready to go to the other side, it departs from the 3D world, shedding a shell of the former self and this creates a hologram. That hologram is the final product of your life that you lived. That hologram is already finished so your soul cannot enter it anymore. That hologram is what you leave in the Akashic Records in a form of a book. Your mission is now complete and now it’s time to move on to other things.

That Hologram is the production of your soul’s work. It is everything that you did and experienced during that lifetime. That hologram is like a photo album that is full of what you did in that life. When certain people see you after they passed away, they only see the former image of you that they remembered. Some will see you when you were most shining in that life. They may not even recognize you because you may look much younger than what they remember. When we see dead relatives in the afterlife, it’s like that. The souls are already gone from them. Only their holograms remain.

Every single thing that was once living has a hologram of its life. All of this information is stored in the Akashic Records. Our main job as souls is to create these holograms to perfection. We are in turn building characters. Building these characters is a part of the contract. It is best done with a vehicle called your body. If you lose that vehicle, you may never return to the other realm again. You must finish all parts of the soul contract before you can ascend to the afterlife.


Killing yourself doesn’t solve anything. That awful feeling will never go away. Killing yourself will be even worse because you will be all alone. Just imagine, if your head is not in a good place right now, how would it feel if you remain stuck like that all alone. You will feel lonely and depressed. That is why some ghosts remain that way for centuries and centuries.

It is much better to live, no matter how hard it is right now. This is because you have people around you that can help you. If you kill yourself, you just shed your physical body. You cannot see other ghosts and they cannot see you. You will be in a world of your own. You will be able to see everything that is going on but nobody would see you because they won’t know that you exist. You will suffer immensely. But over time, possibly a century of going crazy alone without a blink of sleep, you may come to terms with your feelings and when that time comes, you will be transported to the realms of the after-life.

Just imagine the ghosts roaming around. Some don’t even know that they’re dead. Some are in denial that they are dead. I see ghosts every day. I see them as much as I see crows or squirrels or other types of animals. They are just out there doing their own thing. They are going through what they have to go through and they have a lot of time to think and to figure out their problems. And some take a very long time but that’s okay because it’s all a part of the process.

Committing suicide is very similar to premature Birth. When you kill yourself, your soul is not ready, then you suddenly lose your body then get stuck in between the realm of life and death. That grey zone is where they remain until they fully mature as souls. That grey zone is lonely. Sometimes an angel might come down just to save them, to guide them, but will they ever hear those clues. If they are ignorant, they never will.

Remember your soul contract.

Spencer K.

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  1. Your perspective on suicide will change after you read Kenneth Ring’s book ” Heading Toward Omega” and amazing scientific book with many many NDE interviews. Every soul is welcome to the other side with enormous love and no judgement and if a soul wants to advance they can have the choice to come back. I’m now reading his other book “Lessons From The Light” which takes his research further . Extremely fascinating.

    1. Hey Myrna. Thanks I will check it out. Yes each soul is welcome to the other side but until you get there the consciousness/ current ways of thinking still remain. Once you get to the other side, everything disappears and turns into love. I heard that there are many suicides going on since COVID. My hope is that everyone continue living life no matter how hard it gets. We’re all in this together and we can all help each other. I also want people to know that we are all one. Take care of each other and support each other, even if they are total strangers.

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