There are several roles to spirituality, the first being to realize that our life is not ours. We need to realize that our lives are borrowed. Everything from: The bodies that we exist in, the characters that we play, the times that we exist in, the situations in our lives, our relationships, and our possessions, are borrowed. Nothing in this life is ever ours. The only thing that we get to keep are our experiences and the wisdom that we gain from it. That is the only reason why our souls chose to reincarnate.

As an exchange for this borrowing, we give collateral to the Universe in the form of trust. In the short time that we are alive, we give permission to the Universe to allow control of every aspect of our lives. We in turn, trust the Universe that it will take care of every one of our needs. This part is the hardest because we have to trust the process that the Universe is taking us through. Only by letting go of control and fear can we move on with our lives.

Everything is aligned
Everything is aligned

Our soul trusts that the Universe will take care of us and that it will take us through the appropriate path so that we get to experience what we wanted to experience and to gain the wisdom that we wanted to gain. Of course nothing is ever guaranteed or for free in this Universe. In order to experience these experiences we must first give and sacrifice a bit of ourselves. In order to receive, we must first give in a form, whatever form that may be, in this lifetime or in previous lifetimes.

Remember, we already planned and chose our lives before we were born. Before we could send the application to be birthed, we had to sign a contract with the Universe under the Universe’s terms. The Universe’s terms are strict. It’s like agreeing to the terms and conditions of Youtube when you first register and create a Youtube account. Of course we don’t read all of it because it’s too long and boring but I’ll give you a quick glimpse into the main “Terms and Conditions” that we agreed to upon our entry into this Earth.

The Universe’s Terms & Agreements

These Terms and Conditions constitute a legally binding agreement made between You and the Universal Creator, concerning your access to and use of “Life” on Planet Earth. You agree that by accessing this Life, you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by all of these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with all of these Terms and Conditions, then you are expressly prohibited from being Reincarnated onto this Planet.

Supplemental Terms and Conditions or Changes in the timeline may occur from time to time which were different from the original contract. The Universal Creator reserves the right, in our sole direction, to make changes and modifications to these Terms and Conditions at any time and for any reason. We will alert you about any changes by updating the Vibrations and Frequencies of your Planet. It is your responsibility to stay in tune with the Frequency of your Planet, otherwise you may miss this transmission.

It is your responsibility to periodically review these Terms and Conditions and to stay informed on these updates. You can do this via grounding, meditation, or by using psychedelics to access this realm. Please be advised that the Universe can put you through any kind of situation if it enables you a chance to experience and gain wisdom from it. However, the Universe does not take responsibility for any unlearned lessons that could have resulted in a handicap, trauma, or bad karma.

The Universe guarantees that it will give you everything that you need to achieve your means. Nothing will be impossible. You will be able to overcome and do everything with what you have. You will always be perfect, a perfect version of yourself. You will always be complete and everything in your life will be because of a purpose. There will always be a reason behind even the smallest of things even though you may not realize.

The Universe guarantees that it will guide you through life by assigning you a Guardian Angel. This Guardian Angel’s role will be to guide you at times when you feel lost, to comfort you for when you feel alone, and to give you strength when you need it most. The only thing you need to remember is to ask for help whenever you need it. When you ask for help, the Universe will conspire to make things happen for you. If you do not ask, you will get nothing, no response.

Please be advised that Life on Earth will not be easy. By us granting you a body, you promise to take good care of it. This body that we give you will take you to places that you were destined to go. You will experience every experience that you were meant to experience. Everything in your life will be meant to be. There will be no such things as coincidences in your life and it will be your job to pay attention to these clues that we send you.

Sometimes you will be used as an Evil perpetrator to teach those a lesson, and in turn you will learn a valuable lesson too. And by doing that you will also learn the lesson of Karma. Sometimes evil deeds will be done to you but only for a reason, whatever that reason may be. Just remember to trust in the Universe and in its processes. Even when hard times hit, be assured that good times are always ahead.

Your life will get clearer as you go along your journey. In the beginning, it may be hard to see but near the end, you will understand why we made you go through everything that you had to go through. It is because we love you and that we knew that you could do it. However, we do not take responsibility for those who could not handle these lessons who have accrued a trauma, handicap, or bad karma. Those were the risks you took to enter this life.

If you were not completely satisfied with this life or we have made life too hard for you, not enabling you to learn your lessons, the only guarantee we will give you is that we will allow you another chance at redemption if you wish to reincarnate again. In your next life, the difficulty level will be set to Easy so you will be able to learn the lessons you were supposed to learn in the previous lifetimes much faster.

If you choose to take your life by committing suicide, you will accrue a severe case of karma. You know that your current state of thinking and thoughts is transferred into the afterlife right. So by exiting with these negative thoughts, you will feel that way even after death. And when you reincarnate, the lessons you will encounter will be that much harsher. That is why we urge you to complete this life naturally. If you are not able to complete these lessons and grow from them, to gain wisdom from them, you will be forever bound to this material plane.

We will not subject you to anything that you cannot handle. However, we give you one piece of advice: To never give up and to always go where your heart tells you to go. Remember this even in the darkest days of your life. You will be able to overcome anything and everything. Life is a journey and you need to learn how to ride it. Life is a lot about doing and steering it to where you want to take it but don’t forget that sometimes Life will just happen to you.

We will hand you lessons and if you do not learn from them, we will keep on repeating the same lessons into your life. If you do not learn from them, you will be stuck at the same place. But if you learn from the lesson, we will not present it to you again. For every step of life, we will hand you an assignment. To complete the assignment, you need to learn the lessons. Lessons are unavoidable in this life as it is your duty to accomplish them.

By Agreeing to these terms and conditions, you are giving the Universe consent to look after your life.

By clicking here, you agree to these terms and conditions and hereby we grant you access to this Universe through our rebirthing program.

Congratulations! Welcome to Life!

Yours Truly,

The Universe


As a Collateral for Being Given Life

The definition of collateral is: “Something pledged as security for repayment of a loan, to be forfeited in the event of a default.” Our souls are taking a huge risk when entering into Life because the end result is unpredictable. Life itself may be too hard for the soul and in turn, the soul may get traumatized and get stuck in a downward spiral. Although the Universe gives us experiences, it does not know or care what it hands out to us because it always knows that we can handle it. Our collateral that we give to the Universe is everything: We do it for the Evolution of our Souls.

Respect Everything. Appreciate Everything
Respect Everything. Appreciate Everything

In exchange for life, we must respect every one of the Universe’s properties. We must cherish and protect our bodies since this vessel is the only one that the Universe gives to us. We must love every single being because they too are the Universe’s properties. We must also respect every single thing in existence because we are borrowing life from it. As an exchange for all of this, we are being used for the harvest of data.

Only the Universe decides what it wants to do with us once we are born into it. Whatever we have planned for this life in the afterlife will be taken into consideration but in the end, we need to play by the Universe’s rules on how it wants to guide us. We may have to play important roles in some person’s life or we may need to sacrifice our own lives for the sake of others.

In exchange to be able to live here, by being able to have a physical body, relationships, situations, and possessions, we have to pay for this through sending back data to this Ultimate Source. Each one of us is connected by an invisible thread to this one ultimate consciousness. Every thought we have and everything that we do is data that gets sent back to this ultimate source. It’s exactly like cloud-computing, everything that we do and think of is downloaded onto this main server.

The goal of this Universal Consciousness is to experience every single thing in every single timeline. This is where we fit into the picture. The Universe is hiring and we have been accepted into this role. Some of us may have been born with a mission. Some of us may exist just to help and take care of others. Some of us may be teachers. Some of us may be great leaders. Whatever role you are given, you must do it well.

We are all living in this simulation together. Even a rock has consciousness for all we care, even air, even light. We are all working together whether we know it or not. In the Japanese culture we treat everything as though it is a God. We treat everything with respect. We breathe gently to respect the air. We treat our possessions and everything around us with respect, respect as though it is a fellow person. And when you live like this, good things return to you.

The Way of Life

The current life may either propel us forward or bring us down in our next life, our next evolution of consciousness. As much as we’d like to think that we can carry on in a straight path, sometimes we need to take backwards steps to retrace where we came from. By retracing where we came from, we can see what we have done wrong so that we can create a new. This often happens when the soul sees what is about to happen and so it intervenes in a lifetime or 2 by taking backwards steps.

Some lives may be so hard on the soul that it may literally crush them. When it crushes them, it may leave them with a handicap, a trauma, or bad karma. This happens when the soul has planned a life way too hard for them in the afterlife. When this happens, the current life may be a life full of sacrifice, or for getting rid of karma. This world is full of duality. In order to gain wisdom and soul growth, we must experience both sides of the spectrum. Do not think of things as bad. Just think of them as experiences. There is no bad and there is no good. The Universe doesn’t judge.

To Live Realizing the Truth

We believe that everything in our life is ours but in the end we have to give it all back. We are here to experience the human experience and it is perfectly okay to stay in that frame of mind. However, many of us are at an advanced stage where we are headed towards ascension. There are a lot of people who are beginning to realize this and there are always those who don’t and that’s okay too because it’s in their life path not to. There will always be dualities to both sides wherever you are living and we must accept that.

All the Power is in Your Hands
All the Power is in Your Hands

Without up, there is no down. Without hot, there is no cold. There is no positive without the negative. Duality is necessary for us to evolve because it enables us to learn different perspectives and it expands our wisdom. We must not take life too seriously by attaching to things. We are all souls just borrowing everything from the Universe. Everything in this life is borrowed and that is why we must respect the Universe by giving it good things. Because if we do, the Universe will give us good things in return.

We borrow our bodies, we borrow this time, we borrow our relationships, situations, and possessions. Since we are born, we are borrowing everything. We owe the Universe a big favour by making this world a better place. We think it is ours but when we die we have to give it all back. Our lives are gone in a blink of an eye. A 100 years is nothing to the Universe. The Universe deals in shifts every 25,000 years. What significance are we to them? The Answer is: Very Small but Very Important.

The problem with this generation is that we need to realize that this life is much bigger than what is here on Earth. Just imagine what’s going up in the skies. We are not the only ones here. I have seen aliens here on Earth. They live among us. That’s a story that I won’t get into but we need to open our eyes and realize that this world is much bigger than what we’ve been told.

And I don’t know what the purpose is of not letting the people know but I think that may be a plan that the Universe has set up for us. Now that some people know the truth those people have the power to overthrow the current regime, however powerful they may be. We need to realize that humans are used to living in a systematic system. Whoever can provide that system can in essence, rule the world. It doesn’t matter what kind of a system it is, it can be anything.

While you’re alive, realize that you are one with everything. There is no “I.” “I” is just an illusion. There is no such thing as separate as everything is us, a reflection of ourselves. We are all connected, from every being to every little thing in the entire universe. We all come from that one ultimate source and we are just different expressions of it. Live loving everything, even the bad parts because once you get through life, you will miss every moment. Spirituality is everything.

Live with Love,

Spencer K.

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