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Paying Attention to the Signs

Life gives us clues as to the next steps we should take. These clues give you guidance on what’s best for you. You have the choice of acting on that advice. As you get more experienced, you will learn how to interpret these signs and to heed their guidance because many of the times they are right.

By the way, this form of communications is more direct than the angel numbers or spirit animals because these messages get straight to the point. You’ll know exactly what they’re talking about or referring to. The guidance from above are advice from the heavenly, from beings in other dimensions.

Each person is assigned a guardian angel from birth and the way they communicate is tailor-made just for you. A sign for you may be interpreted a different way to another person. This is because the way the angels talk to each one of us is different.

Noticing & Interpreting Signs

Signs are pretty obvious. If you don’t notice them, the angels will tell you over and over again until you get it. Sometimes they may give you some time in between the lessons so that it gives you a chance to figure things out on your own.

Life is like a huge maze. If they deem that you are needlessly running around in circles experiencing too much suffering, they will offer you the clues so that you can find yourself out of the maze. But when this happens, often times you will be too stressed out or not grounded enough to even notice these clues.

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It’s sunny and it’s raining

In this article I am not going to say what kinds of signs I notice because it may corrupt your ability to interpret your own signs but I will give you one example from my own personal experience. One time I was in a relationship that I thought was genuine. Before we got married, I kept on seeing stop signs everywhere, even to the point where a stop sign fell right in front of my face. Like, what are the chances that a stop sign will fall right in front of you? Back then I didn’t get the message but now I do after a long 7 year divorce.

The angels showed me a sign by dropping a huge stop sign right in front of me but I ignored it. Some signs are just like that, when they appear, you don’t even think of it as a sign until later on. Other signs can be very obvious and you may be able to act upon it right away. We must also understand that the state we are in can affect our direct ability to perceive and interpret these signs.

Signs can be anything that has meaning to you. You have to be aware of what’s going on in your life in order for you to interpret the signs properly. The more you begin to notice, the easier it will be to recognize the real signs from the false ones.

The key is not to be hyper vigilant in noticing them. The signs come when it is absolutely necessary. These are the angels nudging you and trying to guide you. You can never force signs because it just doesn’t work like that.

Almost Like Foreshadowing in a Movie

You ever notice when you’re watching a movie you can already tell what’s going to happen. Sometimes the movie director leaves certain clues before something big is going to happen. Well, this is called foreshadowing and it even happens in real life.

When foreshadowing happens in your life, you must take that message to heart. Something may stop you from doing something. Something may guide you on the right path. Your job is to notice these messages and listen to their advice. The key is to learn how to recognize what’s real from what’s not.

If your mind is too pre-occupied with looking for foreshadowing in your life, you won’t get anything. The only thing you’ll get is confusion in your life because everything will seem like a message for you. The key is not to try. Never be self-conscious about it because if you do, it will not come.

When it comes, it will just come and you will just know. It will hit you at the perfect moment. The only way to receive the clues is not to force yourself to look because the more you try, the more elusive it becomes. The key is to know that something will communicate with you when they want to communicate with you. If they don’t have anything to say, they won’t have anything to say.

If you are very unsure of yourself, you may get OCD with this. You may start interpreting everything as signs and you may begin to contradict yourself. For those who are like this, I’ll give you some advice: “Just Don’t Think About it”. When it’s time, it will come.

In order to notice these signs better, you must be in a Flow State.

Entering the Flow State

A quick way to enter the flow is to get in tune with the Earth. Anything that grounds you so that you remain centred is good. Meditation works great and so as grounding. Sometimes can use the energy of rocks or of nature to get you back on track. If anything in life knocks you off-balance, it is your job to centre yourself by using the above techniques.

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Everything moves in slow motion when you’re in the flow state

The moments when you are most relaxed is when the best of ideas are transmitted to your head. Your job is to relax and notice the clues that life leaves you. The flow state is entered by being relaxed but hyper focused at the same time. You are so relaxed that you are able to pay attention to every single thing happening around you without even paying attention to it. You make all the right moves, and every action and thought occurs spontaneously and are the right ones.

If you ever played sports you would have heard of the term “Being in the Zone”. Well, this is the flow state. Even in the most intense of moments, one is calm. Everything seems to be moving in slow motion. You are able to read every person’s next movements and thoughts. You are able to predict the future and act upon it to change it.

When you’re relaxed is the moment your energy is flowing. When you’re in a relaxed state, there is a high probability you can enter the flow state. These are the times when you will be able to see and interpret signs with ease. The flow state is being in a waking state of meditation.

When You Can’t Receive or Interpret Signs

If your life is too busy and full of distractions, you won’t be able to notice the clues that life will leave you. If you’re stressed out or worried, your thoughts will be too preoccupied to even notice these signs. If you are unbalanced in your life, you will never know what you are missing.

If the matter is urgent and the angels want you to really notice, sometimes they will make it easy for you to notice even in the most intense of moments. Again, the interpretations are up to you because each person is different.

Asking for Signs

Just imagine if you are wondering which path you should take. All you need to do is ask in your heart then a clue will magically appear right in front of you. It may not happen right away but when the sign comes, it will be blatantly obvious. You will feel it in your heart.

The trick is to let it just happen. The question may not reach them until much later on. By the time you forget that you asked is when the clue may appear. Again, you can never really force things as the universe moves according to it’s own accord.

The clues will appear miraculously without putting in any effort at all. You don’t even need to think about anything, it just pops up in front of you. And when it does pop up right in front of you, it’s up to you on how you interpret it and to take action upon it.

The signs appear for you to act upon it. It’s very important to pay attention to your surroundings and what’s going on around you when the signs do appear. If you’re not grounded, it will be very difficult to notice the signs. To notice these signs, you must be relaxed and in harmony with the world. You must be at one with the flow, going with the flow of life.

Paying Attention to the Heavenly

Life experience teaches us many things. For some, we’ve known and been in touch with other worlds since birth. Living in between the worlds, living between the movements is a way of life that must happen naturally without trying. It can never be forced. The more you try to chase it, the more elusive it becomes.It’s like breathing, it should come naturally because that’s the only way it flows.

When you know, you just know, there is no explanation. If you can’t comprehend, you can try to scratch the surface but don’t fret on it too much. There is a world that exists between the worlds. There are some things that normal humans will never notice.Living in between the worlds means that you can sense the movements within this world and that of outside.

There are other worlds that we cannot see, other beings which we cannot see, other entities, other spirits, other energies. Science alone can never define this because it doesn’t have that capacity. When science and spirituality converge is when mega changes will occur in this world.

Best Regards,

Spencer K.

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