How do you raise your vibrations? First, get out of all negative situations, fix all the problems that you have, make amends with people, forgive people, stop thinking so negatively, regain confidence in your abilities, and take back control over your life. Once you fix these negative situations in your life, you will instantly feel better. Raising your vibrations is about feeling good about yourself. The better you do in your life, the higher vibrations you will have. The more exciting your life, the more energy you have, which means you have higher vibrations. Do what makes you feel joy, excitement, and happiness. Work hard but at the same time have some fun.

If you’re a negative person, worried all the time, stressed all the time, depressed all the time, angry all the time, jealous all the time, then that means that you’re vibrating at a very low frequency. Negative emotions lower your positive magnetic abilities. So, the more negative emotions you have, the higher your negative magnetic ability will be, bringing in more negative stuff into your life. I’m pretty sure that people don’t like attracting negative stuff but they do call in these situations by thinking negatively. By thinking negatively, these people have become experts in bringing in negative situations into their lives. Now all these people have to do is to do the same thing except in a positive manner. Think positive thoughts, attract positive situations.

We are Made of Water

First understand that we are all made of water. Water is made of energy and transforms itself to the energy of the surrounding environment. Water is a sponge that soaks in all of our thoughts, it soaks in all of the food and liquids we give it, it absorbs whatever we see, feel, hear, and touch. We must feed ourselves with good thoughts, good foods, good information, good environments, and with good company. Make sure that whatever you consume is of a good nature, whether it be information or something physical such as food.

If you think negative thoughts, your vibration will be very low and your water molecules will look unbalanced and distorted. On the contrary, if you think positive thoughts, your vibrations will be very high and your water molecules will look beautiful and symmetrical. Thoughts will change your DNA, they will also change your water molecules and your whole cellular structure. If you are able to control your thoughts, you can vibrate in the manner that you wish.

It’s important to choose what enters your mind because that alone will change your frequency. A lot of the media outlets purposefully bombard us with negative content so that we resonate at a low frequency. By doing that, they are giving themselves power by repressing the majority. If we choose to ignore and not watch or listen to negative content, we would resonate at a much higher frequency, thus our ability to manifest would substantially go up.

Be Aware of What Frequency Mainstream Media is Bombarding You With

Water vibrates and brings in whatever vibrations are applied to it. That’s why it’s important to take notice of the media broadcasts that we are listening to. If it’s anything coming from a screen or electronic device beware. Mainstream music and TV shows have a frequency that brings your vibrations down. Sounds emanated from these broadcasts is frequency programming. Do you know what frequency you’re being fed? Through current technology, they can target the frequency to go to certain parts of your mind. They can literally control you by you exposing yourself to their content. If they want you to get angry or agitated, to get depressed, to get anxiety, or to get sad, they can do that.

They are programming you, attacking your subconscious mind.
They are programming you, attacking your subconscious mind.

The brain processes information electrically. It communicates with the cellular structure through electricity and it operates within a certain bandwidth of frequency. If they broadcast frequencies carrying information and perceptions then the brain will decode that information and get those perceptions. You can externally influence people’s perceptions by broadcasting certain frequencies into the air. Human beings are antenna.

The sad reality is that we now play our music in the frequency of A440. It used to be 417. Old ancient songs carried the most uplifting of frequencies, the most spiritually advanced but the rich and powerful took that away. By putting the frequency of the broadcast sound to A440 they shut down the 95% of your brain, particularly the right brain that operates the heart and the mind.

Every thought and every emotional response is a frequency. It generates a frequency and it is of itself a frequency. Hate is a frequency and so as love. They can embed these messages just below the threshold of perception so they can go directly into the subconscious. They play across a community of these frequencies without anyone knowing and it does certain things to different communities. People might not realize why they’re feeling what they’re feeling but that’s because they are being programmed by these micro-magnetic frequencies.

Reclaiming Our Vibrations

We can reclaim our vibrations by staying away from mainstream media: TV shows, News, Music, Movies, and even their literature. The further we distance ourselves from these influences, the further our restoration would be. If we take that programming away from them and program ourselves with tailor-made content that uplifts us, we would resonate at a much higher level.

Do you notice that there is an inordinate amount of violence, sex, drugs, negative emotions, and psychopathic behaviours in our media? They are doing this on purpose. If you are susceptible, you will carry on those moods in real life. To fix this programming, we need to stay away from their programming. They give us quite a selection to entertain ourselves with but none of that is good for us. We need to reconsider what entertainment is to us and to create our own sources of healthy and positive entertainment.

We need to stay away from the mainstream media because that is how they program us. They program us to be complacent, and get us to feel and act in certain ways. We are like puppets on their strings. They can do all of this by this machine called HAARP. HAARP can change an area’s frequency and cause mass programming in the places they point it towards. Frequency programming is very real and the only real escape from it is to live in rural areas because the places where it’s densely populated will be full of those bad frequencies. It’s also a good idea to stay away from mainstream music, news, TV programming, and movies.

Grounding: Reclaiming the Earth’s Natural Frequency

Grounding is a direct way of connecting with the Earth’s frequency. The way to do grounding is to take off your shoes and to put your barefeet on the ground. Our barefeet on the ground absorbs the Earth’s frequency putting us in tune with the consciousness of the planet. By doing this it creates harmonic vibes and gets rid of any negative energy surrounding us. Grounding is scientifically proven to cure the imbalance in our bodies. It reduces inflammation, cures mental illness, and is known to cure and prevent certain diseases. It also balances the body’s energy and makes you live in the present in harmony with the planet.

If you ground yourself for 30 minutes everyday, you can reset your frequencies to that of harmony. It will get rid of your negative emotions which have been programmed into you. Change your vibrations via grounding, it’s that powerful.

How You Vibrate and Manifest

Be in tune with yourself. That's the whole point of this life. None of that materialistic bullshit.
Be in tune with yourself. That’s the whole point of this life. None of that materialistic bullshit.

When you resonate at a low vibration, you will manifest very slowly or you may not even manifest at all, but if you resonate at a high vibration, your manifestations will come much quicker. If you want to raise your vibrations so that they are very high, the very first step is to let go of all of your negative thought patterns and habits. Replace negative patterns and habits with positive ones and repeat this until you have eliminated all of your negative patterns and habits.

It is also good to resolve any conflict in your lives to the best of your abilities, if you can’t then just let them go. Make sure that there are no negative hindrances which are holding you back. If you have a bad relationship or a miserable job, let those go as well. The first step in change is to let go of all of the stuff that’s holding you back. This will automatically raise your vibrations.

Another thing is that if you don’t laugh or smile on an occasional basis, practice doing it and put yourself in situations where you laugh and smile naturally. When you begin laughing and smiling naturally, you will put yourself in a state of joy and happiness. These energetic frequencies will raise your vibrations to a very high level. The mood that you emit a majority of the time is the vibration that you emit. Begin and start feeling good to raise your vibrations. But beware of fake happiness such as turning to substances, turning to bad relationships, sex, money, and all those things that are of temporary false happiness.

Follow Your Heart. Follow Your Passions

One thing that holds us back is when we hold off on our dreams. The more we hold off from the things that we want to do, the more we are suppressing our energies. Our passions are our livelihood. If we lose touch with them there will be no joy in our life. And if you have no joy in your life you will vibrate at a much lower frequency. Always take care of yourself by doing a little bit of what you like. By doing this, you will raise your vibrations slowly but surely and build your momentum.

Doing something we like raises our vibrations immensely. If we enjoy doing it, then the feeling is the indicator that we are doing the right thing. Concurrently, if we are doing something that we do not enjoy, we are lowering our vibrations. The more that you repeat what you do not like, the lower your vibrations will be. This is very dangerous if you are stuck in a job that you don’t like. A majority of the time these people’s energy are dark and gloomy with no shining light. If you happen to be in this circumstance where you don’t like what you do, start doing a little of the stuff that you like to do on your spare time.

Changing the Environment

You can change your environment in a variety of ways. First, if you are in a room and have no way to move out, you can redecorate your room. By adding or subtracting colours in your room, you can change the room’s frequency. The way to choose a colour is simply to choose a colour that you feel drawn to. Whatever colour you are drawn to will be the right colour to fix your energy. Colour affects the mood so by adding colour to the places where you are, it will affect your psychology.

If you are feeling down, the best thing you can do is to get up and go take a walk outside. By changing the scenery, your mind will shift perspectives, thus your vibrations will change. By going to a different place, you are shifting your energy and taking your mind away from the problem. The best places to go and find time for yourselves is in nature. Nature has that relaxing, calming sensation and just being near it will cure our ill thoughts and negative vibrations.

If you live in a negative home or bad area, try moving. By switching residences to somewhere else, you are making a huge vibrational shift in your energy. Certain areas emit certain frequencies so we must be very careful where we rest our heads. Our home is the most important place in the world. Please make sure that it’s in a peaceful place.

Stay Away from Negative Energy People

Some people you just need to stay away from. Even though you may be close with them, if they are sending you negative thoughts and bringing your energies down, you really need to stay away from them. Negative energy people are disastrous even in their own lives. They attract negative situations into their lives and many accidents and unfortunate events happen in their lives. Just by being around them you are bringing your luck down.

Get rid of negative people from your life. Close one door then another one opens.
Get rid of negative people from your life. Close one door then another one opens.

The sad thing is that they don’t even realize that they are having a negative impact on themselves, not to mention on other people’s lives. They are like parasites, a virus in our society. You know the old saying “You are the average of the 5 people that you spend the most time with.” Well, that’s true. Whomever we spend our time with, we are exchanging our energies with. If we are physically or emotionally entangled with them, we become their energy. This can be very dangerous if you are spending time with the wrong kinds of people.

Spend your time with happy and positive people who are doing something positive with their lives. By hanging around these people, your vibrations will go up. Never waste time with fake friends or people who don’t wish you well. These people will drain your energy and your time spent with them will be a total waste of time. Once you sense fakeness, ulterior motives, or negative thoughts directed towards you, cut them off right away.

And never mind if you are feeling all alone. By cutting these people off, you are closing one door and opening a new door. By slamming the door on these people, new people and new situations will enter your lives. This past year I made the decision to cut certain people off. That meant that I had to cut off a couple of important people but that didn’t stop me. From the moment I cut ties with them everything felt so right. I could feel my energies lifting and my life moving to that of an upward trajectory. Everything started flowing into my life.

By spending my time and my energies with those past people, it held me back. By cutting and releasing them, it has brought new energies into my life. A few new people have entered my life as well, all the kind of crowd that I want. Be picky and choosy with who you spend your time with and don’t spend your time with just anybody. By allowing people into your life, you are giving them the consent to bring their energies to you.

Protect your vibrations with your life because the vibrations that you are will be reflected upon your reality. Raise your vibrations. Be wise.

Yours Sincerely,

Spencer K.

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