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What is Personal Development and why is it so important?

First of all, personal development should not even be a word because it is life itself. To live is to grow, to expand, continually and forever until decline. Do you ever see a tree stop growing? Growth and Development is called living, it’s only natural. Humans have the great ability to destroy themselves and to get in their own way and that is the problem with them.

Sometimes it’s okay not to grow, only if it’s for a short while. We all must take a break sometimes to reflect. This goes even for the greatest of people. Most often when you aren’t growing is when the fruits of your labour have presented itself. In this case, you are just enjoying. What you sow is what you receive.

Don’t let life pass you by so fast. Have some time to cherish the moment, to savour the victories. Just don’t stay in that reflecting period for too long, otherwise your life will begin to stagnate. And when you stagnate is when your roots begin to rot.

Move at Your Own Pace

Walk a few steps then pause to see where you want to go. That’s the pace called life. Some have a faster pace while others move at a slower pace. It doesn’t matter though because each person is moving forward at their own pace. It only matters that you are moving forward, reflecting just enough in the past so as to contemplate your next moves. This is human evolution. We all move together as one even though we think we’re apart.

The “Modern Human Life” would encounter more meaning if humans began to think as a species as a whole. This current idea of looking at our selves as individuals is eating away at the conditions of our soul. If only we knew how to live and breathe as one could we ever think and act as one. We would have a much more beautiful society if that were the case.

If we all realize that we are one, all of society’s problems would be solved. Human evolution must not be tainted by the word “Competition”. This word is not to be confused with evolution. Competition is evolution at it’s most cave-man like form. True human evolution of peace and love can only be obtained through “Cooperation”. That is what humans need for the next chapter of human evolution.

If You Are Stuck

As advanced as humans think they are, they complicate matters with their own thoughts. Their main asset, which is their ability to think sometimes becomes their biggest liability. Their thoughts hold them back from many things. Only if they knew that thoughts are just thoughts and that they can program their own selves.

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Be like water. Flow like water.

If you are stuck, it’s because your mind is stuck. When you are in a circumstance where you are stuck, just take a look at your surroundings. Most likely, you will see clutter and a dirty environment around you. A clean mind needs a clean environment. If you want to clean your thoughts, clean everything around you. Wash and clean and organize. It’s no joke. What is within is reflected on the outside.

When you’re stuck it could also be a sign. I shouldn’t really say this but I want to keep it very real: If things aren’t meant to be, it will never work out no matter how hard you try. This is a fact. If somethings not meant for you, it won’t come. Instead, something that’s the perfect fit for you that’s truly meant for you will come. That moment always enters one’s life only if they are wise enough to acknowledge.

Who Owns the Real Estate in Your Mind

Always sing your own song instead of listening to the songs of others. What I mean by this is that you are the controller of your own life. Program yourself the way you want to be programmed. Never let anyone or any media sources have control over your thoughts.

Who owns the real estate in your mind?

If you take a look at your mind in the form of a pie chart, your thoughts and opinions are those of others. Only a small portion of your thoughts and opinions are self derived. Where did you come up with those thoughts and opinions? If you’re honest with yourself, it comes from your parents, your friends, society and how the elite schemers wanted us to think. The only true real estate that you own in your mind comes from your own personal life experiences.

This simple fact could change your entire life. The biggest change happens once you break away from society and what it has taught you. When you give yourself some space in between the worlds, you will have plenty of time to think for yourself. The ability to think for yourself is the key to taking back your power. Take a break from life and just allow yourself some space to breathe and to think.

Push Pull of Life

Lets admit it. Sometimes life pushes us in a certain direction. Do we acknowledge this fact? No. Because pride and ego get in the way. When things are so blatantly obvious is when life is pushing you in that direction. If that’s the case, go with it. If you resist, you will exhaust your time, energy, and resources. If you learn to go with the flow things will get much easier.

Our ego gets in the way of many things. It must be like this or it must be like that. Forget all that when life pushes you in a certain direction. Take the gift that life gives you and move in that direction. Hold what’s dear to you in the core but when it’s time to move, it’s time to move.

man, woman, dog
Don’t take life too seriously.

Life is all about energy. You push to get what you want. This creates a wave, a ripple. The returning wave is what you get from when you pushed. What comes is what life pushes upon you. That’s the result of the fruits of your labour. What you reap is what you sow. Expend a lot of energy and you get that energy back in some form or another. This is the push pull of life.

If you do not push or do not pull, there is nothing. If we want things out of life, we must expend a certain amount of energy otherwise we will just perish. Humans are creators, we are not meant to remain still and to be stagnant. We must create ripples in our lives, otherwise we won’t get anything back.

This may be the case but a strong sense of destiny may befall you at times. This is when life just hand you something, sometimes quite forcibly. When this time comes, you must always be ready. The time has come when you can finally put to use all of the experiences that you’ve accumulated.

Make sure that what you’re spending your energy on is something good. Something good is not something good that’s just for yourself. Something good is about moving the human species forward. Benefit society and focus on the true evolution of mankind.

We have an ability. We just forgot how to use it.

The In-Betweens or Transitioning Phases of Life

When you’re in a learning process or adapting to a new situation, it can get quite overwhelming. This step in between a step is called the transitional phase of life. One starts off with wanting to do something, to be something, then takes the step to make that a reality. This transitional phase between the step and the step is quite painful at times.

We must get acquainted to the new environment before being fully capable in that arena. This phase tests us a lot in life. It pushes our limits. It pushes our boundaries. This may be the time when you start to grow. It could also be a time when your growth is stunted.

Let me use the analogy of a plant. When you do a transplant, meaning to move the plant from a smaller pot to a bigger pot, the plant stops growing as it adjusts to it’s new pot. Sometimes it goes into shock for a couple of weeks and doesn’t grow until it starts to get familiar with it’s new surroundings. Once it fully adapts, it begins to grow again.

Be patient during these times. Young people of today go from one thing to another like there’s no tomorrow. If you really want results in your life, you must stick with something until the very end. If it becomes blatantly obvious that that isn’t your path, then that’s okay too. Just the point of trying to the best of your abilities is what matters most. See things to the very end. You can always choose another career path once everything becomes clear.

Choosing a Career

When you choose a path, you need to be real serious about it. You must be fully committed and dedicated. You can’t just flake off in a year or two. A career is no joke. From the CEOs to the janitors sweeping your floors, have pride in what you do.

Have pride in whatever you are doing however small it may be. If you are going to do something, it might as well be spent on something excellent. Why do a half ass job when you can do the perfect job in the same time. This is a Japanese way of thinking. If you’re going to do something, you might as well be the best as you can at it or strive to be the best at it, otherwise it’s a complete waste of time.

That challenge to be the best at what we do is what keeps us going. That is what keeps us innovating and progressing as a society. Our career is an important part of our life. That’s why you might as well take up something that you like. If you don’t have something that you like and you are employed, strive to be the very best at what you do. You might as well be very good at what you do to the best of your abilities.


While we are living make it a mission to bring your absolute best to the table each day. When you’re going through something new, oftentimes it can get rough. You may get stressed out or you might not be able to handle the pressure. Don’t break. In this case, just keep on moving forward but at your own pace.

Look at stress as a strong wind that makes the trunk of the tree strong. Stress enables the person to grow but too much of it can thwart a person’s growth. Lets just admit: Stress is unavoidable. We need a little of it in order for growth but if too much, we can go on a decline.

This is the thing about humans. We don’t know when to turn it off. Overthinking crowds our minds and confuses our thoughts and stresses us out even more. We do this unconsciously without thinking. This is what I call going through the loop. This is your habitual mode of thinking and you need to stop that.

If you are a constant worrier or a person who stresses out easily, just pause for a second. Is that thought really needed at this time? Learn how to compartmentalize your life. When a situation happens, it’s okay to feel it at the time. But after the situation has passed and ended, in some cases, it’s no longer appropriate to reflect back on it. So in that case, you just move on and not think about it. Why keep yourself in the past?

Pay Attention: Your Future is Coming

The future is always coming with every single moment, with every breath. If we don’t look ahead, we might run into a wall. Can you walk in the forest and move among the trees with your head turned backwards? No. Why do you even bother looking at the past. Of course, it’s good to reflect once in a while but it’s not healthy to look back at it all the time. The past shouldn’t set the tone for your present life. You set the tone for your life right now, with every single moment, with every single breath.

Do you know how powerful you are? You can change your life instantly in a blink of an eye if you transform the person inside. Imagine how fast your life could change if someone else entered your body and started living. You will be a completely different person to everyone that knows you. Imagine if Steve Jobs entered your body and nobody knew. You would be acting differently and doing different things than you normally would.

heron, hern, fish
The path presents itself.

You would still look the same with the same face and the same body but your overall actions will be different. Your habits, your hobbies, your mindset, your approach to life, and how you handle certain situations would be completely different which would bring your life to a much different direction than if you were the pilot of your own body.

If you can change the person inside by changing your beliefs about yourself, you can do that. This is called having mastery over yourself. You can change your life circumstances very fast if you do this. You just need to let go of your past beliefs and to mould and change your inner being to what you want to be.

It’s very important that you know the end result you want to be because without it, the results of your manifestations would be nil. You will turn into something but you’d rather have some control and say into who you want to be. That is all I’m trying to say. If you have role models or people who you admire, copy their good traits and add them to your arsenal.

Life as we know it begins from a seed, a womb, or an egg. From there the living organism grows and develops into a mature being. The mature being survived many experiences and stressors to reach where they are at right now. The fierce winds made the trunk of a tree strong. The hardships you experienced made you more resilient in life. Life just happens and you just need to learn how to roll with it. Many people stay hit and remain down and that’s what’s wrong with the majority of the people right now.

Remember the 4 Seasons

I’m not talking about the Hotel chain here. I’m talking about the actual seasons. The 4 seasons exists in everything in the Universe. In winter, it’s a time of rest, to think, to plant new seeds and to prepare for what’s coming ahead. In spring, we start building and grow from where we were the previous season. In the summer, we flourish, with all of our hard work paying off. We sow what we reap. In Autumn, we shed unwanted aspects of ourselves. As you can see, the plants have the 4 seasons and so do we. Only in the ancient times did we remember this: The Summer and Winter Solstices.

Just by knowing that everything goes through the 4 seasons will alleviate many of your problems and issues. By knowing this fact, you would want to progress and clear as many hurdles as you possibly can so that you can clear that stage of your life and move to the next. Remember, you must go through your own hurdles and go through your own processes before you move on to the next phase of your life. Each person is different and goes at their own pace.

You must learn the current lesson before you can proceed to the next chapter of your life. By this I mean that the same lessons would be presented in your life until you finally learn from them. That’s why you find yourself getting into the same kinds of relationships. That’s why you find yourself in the same sorts of situations. You must get out of that loop. When the universe finally acknowledges that you have learned the lesson, you will be moved on to the next steps.

Yours Kindly,

Spencer K.

About the author

I AM here to create a world where people are well-informed and well-educated to be able to make the right decisions


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