2nd Dimension

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If the 1st dimension is Unity, the 2nd dimension is one of Duality. Matias de Stefano explains: “The 2nd dimension happened when the first dimension asked the question “What can I become?” Through that question, a projection of the self came out and came to see itself from 2 different perspectives. This creation of the […]

1st Dimension

the first dimension

The 1st dimension is where it all began. Matias de Stefano explains: “The truth is like a sphere. You cannot see the whole thing, you can only look into one part of it. The perspective of that truth changes from where you are looking at that truth. The only real dimension that exists is the […]

What is Awareness of Self

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Awareness of self began when consciousness felt what it was capable of becoming. The consciousness became it by becoming aware of being. “It is already done” is what you say to yourself. It might be frustrating before you get things right but just let me tell you that I had to read over 20 books […]

How to Use Visualization to Get What You Want

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When one is aware of what he is imagining, he knows exactly what he is creating. We are creating our future all the time through the use of our imagination. Neville explains how to use visualization to get what you want: “An awakened imagination works with purpose. It creates the desirable and transforms and destroys […]

Visualization Technique to Change Your Past

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Changing your life means to change your past. This is a visualization technique which allows you to move on from trauma, no matter how tragic the event. This technique is not well known but is one of the purest forms of spiritual alchemy and one of the only ways of forgiving that really works. Neville […]

How to Forgive Someone

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Forgiving is never easy unless one figures out the correct ways of doing it. When one has been wronged, it doesn’t feel good and how can we ever forgive someone for doing such a horrible act that we didn’t even deserve. But don’t forget, being done wrong enables us a chance for self-reflection, transformation, and […]

This is How You Control Your Thoughts

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The world is yours when you learn how to control your thoughts. Duality is an inherent condition of life. Everything that exists is double, the negative and the positive. Man is a dual creature with contrary principals embedded in his nature, they war inside of him, this conflict is the eternal enterprise: the war in […]

What is Consciousness and the Subconscious

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Consciousness is the cause as well as the substance of the entire world. The knowledge of the Law of Consciousness and the method of operating this law will enable you to accomplish all that you desire from life. You will have the power to build and maintain an ideal world, but first, lets see the […]

Accessing Other Dimensions to Manifest

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Everything you have ever lived is also being lived in all the other dimensions. The 4th dimension bends time and space so that you can see every possibility of all the choices that you have made. You can see every result possible of what you have done, you can even see the Past, Present, and […]