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Morning Routine for Productivity

Morning routines are powerful for starting your day. Starting off the morning right jump starts your day so that you can accomplish much of what you set out to do. It sets your mind right as you put your priorities first. What you do in the mornings is very habitual, that is why it takes effort to change. What do you do first thing in the morning? Then what do you do after that? See. I told you it was habitual. Unless you are very spontaneous, your morning routines will usually be the same.

The first thing you do when you wake up is to open your eyes and be conscious that you are awake. Everyone in the world starts off their days like this but what people do after splits into a million different possibilities. Some people stay in bed starring at the ceiling. Some people check their phones, while others go brush their teeth. What makes us who we are is defined by what we do after opening our eyes once awake.

Most productive people get up early so that they have more time to do what is necessary for them. Jeff Bezos of Amazon likes to wake up early so that he can putter around his house. He says that his time in the morning is very important to him because it gives him some time to relax. His puttering can be may things including having breakfast with his children, reading the newspaper, catching up on the news, or any other simple task. He starts off his mornings like this until he has his first meeting at 10am.

How To Plan Your Mornings to Become More Productive

What people do is different. All successful people have different morning routines. One thing they have in common though is that they have a morning routine. People are habitual creatures and habits define who we are. That is why the morning routine is very important. One should plan accordingly to what is of importance to them. If one prioritizes their health, one should focus on getting that done in their morning routine. By getting done what you most prioritize first thing in the morning gives you an energy boost because what you place importance on has already been accomplished before you even begin your day.

Wake up a little early and give yourself some time.
Wake up a little early and give yourself some time.

Use your mornings for something that enhances your growth. Use it to elevate either your Mind, Body, or Spirit. You can read a book or do some studies. You can exercise, practice yoga, or go for a run. You can draw and be creative, to work on your side business. Do something that you will be proud of doing. Don’t use your mornings to do tasks that you should be doing in the afternoons. Instead, use your mornings to do the things you wished you had time for.

Waking up at a certain time is important but don’t stress yourself out thinking about this. The most important thing is to do what you set out to do in the mornings. If you promised yourself that you would practice yoga, actually practice yoga first thing in the morning. Do it although you may have woken up 20 minutes late. Just the fact that you did what you set out to do for even a minute will change how you look at your day. The more you do this, the more you will get into a routine. After that, you’ll naturally start waking up at your desired time because your mind, body, and spirit can’t wait for you to start your day.

And don’t jam pack your morning routine. Prioritize what’s important to you and just do one task to begin with. Then, as you get used to doing it, add another component, then another component. I started off my mornings by doing push ups but then as I got used to it, I incorporated squats into my morning routines. Key rule is to start with one. Once you get used to accomplishing that one task, it will give you more confidence to do more with your mornings and more with your days.

Your morning routine should give you energy and a sense of accomplishment. I remember when I first started doing a good morning routine is that I felt good after doing it. Before the day even began, I had accomplished what I had placed the most importance on which was my physical fitness. Keep on doing this no matter what and after a year, you’ll notice a huge difference in your life. Small actions compound and accrue positive interest. Make an investment of your time by utilizing your mornings in a positive way.

Make Your Own Morning Routine

My morning routine takes approximately 30 minutes. The first thing that I do when I wake up is to do 3 sets of push ups and 3 sets of squats. After that I proceed to brush my teeth and shave. Then I go into my office and practice Wim Hoff Breathing. After that I meditate for 15 minutes. After that I take a cold shower for 3 minutes and 33 seconds. Then I go downstairs, make breakfast, have some tea, and then start my day at 9am.

That’s my morning routine right now. I feel good after doing this because before I had no time for doing meditation or doing Wim Hoff. Now I do this first thing in the morning so I already finished half of what I set out to do for the day. Now I want to incorporate waking up a little earlier so that I have time to read the newspaper. My wake up times have been pretty random but all within 30 minutes of each other. Sometimes I wake up at 7:50am, or even 8am, or even 8:15am but I still do the same morning routine everyday. I also start my day at exactly 9am so it works out. Sometimes I need to rush some exercises but I still get them done.

After a year of having a good morning routine, I have more energy and more confidence. I am more productive than before. I really recommend that you build your morning routine too. Start off with one thing that you place the most importance on. If you’ve always wanted to read a book, start with that. Wake up a bit early and read a book for 15 minutes everyday. Or if you’ve always wanted to go jogging, go with that. Start with whatever that you’ve wanted to do that you’ve had no time for. This will jump-start your day a 100%. I hope you create a wonderful morning routine and that it makes a huge difference in your life.


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