It’s very rare to find a person who lives in the present moment. These days many people are preoccupied with their past, repeating the same old memories again and again in their heads. Then there are those who overthink about their future. These people think what might happen in their future and obsess and obsess over it. What they obsess over then becomes reality because whatever they think about attracts.


The people who can’t stop thinking about their past or their future are never really present. What causes people to stay stuck in the past or the future? The answer is simple: Overthinking. Overthinking is a repetitive pattern in the brain where the energy remains stuck. If a person is overburdened by past memories and can’t stop thinking about them, it affects their decision making process because all of the decisions that they make will be a reflection of those past memories. That’s why many people who were traumatized will remain stuck in the same types of situations and the same kinds of relationships. Whatever they obsess about comes true so if they obsess about their past, similar experiences will be attracted into their lives.

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Overthinking prevents living in the present moment

Overthinking about the future can drain a person’s energy as it overburdens, overworks, and short circuits all of their momentum. This can prevent one from taking action because they have too many thoughts going on inside of their heads. Overthinking about the future, thinking that something bad’s going to happen will bring that situation into your life. Those thoughts will become a self-fulfilling prophesy so be careful what you think of and be mindful what you wish for.

Action should stem from one simple thought, not an aggregation of complex repetitive thoughts. One must think of rewiring the brain, to process those emotions out of their projected future or past memories. Whatever you think about is a habit. If you change the way you look at the world, everything around you will change. Shift your perspective and start thinking differently.

Living in the Past

Thoughts stay ingrained in us the longer we hold them. Unhealed wounds are similar to scars, every time you think of them the scar cuts deeper. Past memories, past hurts come out unexpectedly if not healed properly. These memories can linger for years, altering our perceptions about the future because the tendency is for our brains to think that the past will repeat itself. These are the most common cases for people not living in the present.

Living in the past prevents people from experiencing new experiences because they never venture out of their comfort zones. These people stay safe their whole lives because they are scared that bad things would happen to them like it did in the past. Past fears and past traumas must be healed the correct way or these people’s lives would be that of a repetitive circle, repeating itself for eternity.

Because of these unhealed traumas, it short circuited their brains to repeat the same situations in their lives. When these thoughts repeat, it puts a dent in their mental energy field. The more times it is repeated, the deeper the dent will be and if persisted, it will become a huge hole, in this case it’s too late. You ever meet those people who have been so traumatized that they are never able to recover? That’s because there’s a huge hole in their mental energy field sucking all of their energy out. This prevents any new experiences from entering their lives because the gravitational pull of that black hole attracts those same kinds of traumatic experiences that formed the hole in the first place. This is also called negative momentum.

Our Reptilian Brain

We must fix these past memories because they are altering our thoughts about our future, making us choose the wrong actions in the present. These memories may be good or bad but most people focus on the bad because that’s what our reptilian brains are good at. Our reptilian brain’s sole purpose is to ensure our survival. That’s why it is so negative because it protects us from harm. But if not controlled properly it can hold us back from our potential by not exposing us to risk where we should. If we always play it safe there would be no new experiences to grow from.

Living in the past comes from being stuck in our past memories and we subconsciously reenact them in the present which brings the same sorts of situations into our lives. We need to remember that this reptilian brain is trying to protect us by bringing these fight or flight responses into our lives. Your obsession with past experiences and past memories are your reptilian brain working overdrive.

Remember: What we think about, we attract. What we think about and obsess about will happen. That is the law of attraction so never ever let past experiences determine your future.

How to Control Your Mind

Control your mind and only think about the things that you want out of life. By doing this you will be in a much more relaxed state. One’s intellect is an advantage but if it is used in the wrong ways it can become a liability. Whatever happened in the past is in the past and should remain in the past. Of course it’s good to notice the red flags so that you avoid any danger but to think that everything’s a red flag is a form of disease. This habit of negative expectancy comes from our reptilian brain which is focused on our survival.

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When an animal drinks it only thinks about drinking. Apply yourself to one thing at a time

People are so in tune with what went on in their past or what they wish to happen in the future that they overthink themselves out of the current present moment. These people’s minds are overworked like a broken record, thinking about things which may not be even relevant at the time. When you are doing things in real life, be truly present for it and just focus on the task at hand. This takes discipline but by completely applying yourself to that one thing, focusing and doing only that thing will bring you into the present.

Each passing moment will never come back. We can never reverse time so why even bother of thinking about the past. It’s already happened so what. What’s next? We create what’s next by our present action, by what we do right now. What kind of a future do you want to create? Stop thinking and start living it right now. Do the thing you must do in order for you to move forward. Moving forward an inch is better than doing nothing, stumble forward my friends, stumble forwards.

Each day that you do something adds up. Even the tiniest of things that gets you ahead adds up. Each effort is never wasted. Most of the time we spend thinking about what happened in the past or what we think would happen in the future is a total waste of time. Procrastinating and overthinking inhibits our natural action and stops us dead in our tracks. In order for life to flow, you must focus on your current actions. Don’t overthink it, just do it.

To Live in the Now

Whenever you are present, you are dedicated and remain focused on that one task which allows you to be present. In zen philosophy it’s like that, you just focus on one task and let it flow seamlessly to the next one, then to the next one, then to the next one. Let life flow smoothly by focusing on the thing that you are doing now and don’t get distracted. I know there are many distractions out there but please keep those at bay, we have much more important business to do.

You ever notice that when you’re working or doing something, you completely lose track of time. Do you ever notice that when you’re having fun, time passes by so quickly. When you are fully focused on one thing you don’t have time to think about other things. By living in the moment, you’re not thinking about the past or the future. It’s hard sometimes not to think about but when you’re truly present in the now, you don’t think about anything else because you are too busy focusing on what you’re doing right now. Just picture yourself reading this article and when you read it you think only of it compared to you reading this article with thoughts going on in your head.

Focus on one thing, finish it until completion or until full satisfaction, then let your next actions flow seamlessly. Multi-tasking saps our energy and isn’t productive as we constantly jump from one activity to another without completing the prior task to full completion. It’s almost as if multi-tasking is reactionary. A proactive approach focuses on eliminating problems before they have a chance to appear and a reactive approach is based on responding to events after they have happened. Multitasking is reactive. In business, stuff pops up that we need to take care of and we must have the discipline to carry on those tasks until the very end. That’s where prioritizing your activities becomes really important.

When you live in the present moment, you don’t even realize it because it’s impossible to pay attention to. Living in the present is such a basic thing: When you’re in it, it’s hard to feel, and when you’ve got it, you don’t know that you’ve got it, so how do you know? You just live life fully and don’t care about the rest. Children are the best at living in the present moment because they only care about what’s going on right now.

Children and the Present Moment

Children have that special ability to focus on the present as they let their actions flow seamlessly to the next, their transition is smooth. They complete each task to it’s fullest before they move on to the next. They accomplish one thing then move on to the other. They are a bunch of high achievers, it just comes natural to them. When they are happy, they are happy. When they are sad, they are sad. They cry it all out, release all of their emotions, then move on to their next task.

boys, playing, friends
Children are masters at living in the present

We should start to live more like children by living in the present. Being in adulthood has made us too rigid, too stagnant, and in our ways. Children are the perfect role models for us because of their ability to focus on one task at a time without getting distracted. When they are focused on a piece of rock, they are focused on that piece of rock and nothing else. As they shift their attention to something else, their full attention gets focused on it.

People think too much and that’s what causes much of the pain. Incessant thoughts are parasites to the mind, it can stop masters from doing their work. If you stopped thinking and if you just did it, that alone would make a huge difference. People who think too much don’t get shit done, they’re stagnant, they’re useless, they remain where they are. Of course an appropriate amount of thinking must be done at one’s own expense but not to the extent that it hinders you from taking action. All action must be natural and not forced.

Sometimes the easiest step is the one step forward. It feels natural to be walking straight right? Yes, in life you’re supposed to be walking straight, we’re built for that. Walking sideways or walking backwards is not in our DNA. It’s in our DNA to be always moving forward and that is with our thinking as well. Just imagine if every single person on this world lived in the present moment, not bothered by the past or the future. We need to live as children do, to live in the present and to keep on moving forward.

Grounding to Connect with the Present Moment

If all beings lived in the present moment much like animals do, we would have a much better chance of living happily and peacefully. Animals are attached to this Earth more than humans because they are grounded and are one with the Earth. Grounding is a direct way of connecting with the Earth’s energy which enables the being to absorb the Earth’s consciousness thus allowing it to live in the present moment. By inheriting the Earth’s consciousness you become one with it thus being able to live in harmony with the Earth.

Animals are more present because they regularly expose their skin to the Earth. We humans wear socks and shoes which inhibit our ability to touch and connect with the Earth. That is why humans are so off-balanced and why they damage the Earth so unwittingly because they are not in tune with the Earth’s frequency. If they were in tune with this Earth’s frequency, living in the present, they would not be doing those sorts of things like destroying the planet. Only beings who are not in sync and not living in the present moment would do that, to destroy their own place of dwelling.

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Barefeet on the ground. Grounding helps to be in tune with the present moment

Human society has created such a retarded thing by not living in the present moment. Because they think of the past and because they think of the future, they take actions which are not convenient to this Earth. Taking from the Earth is good but only when you take what you need at that time. If you take a Million in excess and like to have a storehouse of it, that is what creates such an imbalance on this planet. If you want a Million, they’re going to cut down a Million trees right now. Why cut down a Million trees right now if we only need 100,000 right now. Why cause so much devastation and pain on this planet?

We have the option of reconnecting with the Earth’s consciousness which will enable us to live the present moment. We just need to get rid of these damn shoes and socks and to place our barefeet on the ground, it’s as simple as that. Our barefeet on the ground absorbs the Earth’s frequency putting us in tune with the consciousness of the planet. Grounding is scientifically proven to cure the imbalance in our bodies. Grounding reduces inflammation, cures mental illness, is known to cure disease to a certain point, balances the body’s energy and makes you live in the present in harmony with the planet.

By being one with the Earth via grounding we can truly live in this present moment. You think you live in the present right now? Well just wait until you do that with grounding. When you start grounding yourself on a regular basis you begin to flow much better. Your emotions become more fluid, they will move like water changing shapes to anything that you want seamlessly. The Earth will suck up all your negative energy every time you emit it. Combining this with some breathing exercises will do wonders as well.

How important is it to ground ourselves? It’s Very very very important. It’s so important that without it, you cannot truly engage with the Mind, Body, and Soul. Have you ever moved with this planet, felt at one with it, and became it’s energy and embraced it? You can talk with the Earth too you know. Ever since about 15 years, I can really feel the Earth’s anger towards what we are doing to it. Before I go to sleep, on most nights, I can hear it screaming, both angrily and painfully.

The Importance of Living in the Present

Time is always passing, time is always changing things but are we? Change with the times. Connect with the Earth’s energy then you will transform when you need to. The Earth sheds it’s old self every 365 days and so should we. The animals do it, so as all of the plants, all except for us. In the winter the animals hibernate which is like a very long fasting and meditation that renews these creatures both physically and spiritually. Lets renew ourselves as well and shed our old selves. Lets live in the present moment by forgetting about the past and the future by just focusing on the now.

Spencer K.

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