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Trust Your Intuition

Everyone is psychic and everyone has their own intuition. Intuition is the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. Have you ever felt a hunch about something and later found out that you were right. This is different than the intellect. This is different than the emotions. This is something that we can’t explain. Intuition is knowing the truth of the matter without ever knowing why.

This can also be called your gut instinct. Where does this feeling of “I know” come from. Some people feel it instantly. Other people feel it in their heart while others feel it in their gut. Our bodies are intelligent and react and respond according to the truth. There was a scientific study which proved that our bodies responded to events before they even happened. The test subjects were shown pictures with machines which read their brain activities. From there, they were shown a random sequence of pictures. Before each picture was shown, the brain already reacted as they’ve already seen the picture. Is this just a mere coincidence?

Animals and their Instincts

labrador retriever, dog, head
Dogs know!

Animals are able to sense natural disasters before they come. Several countries have conducted research on the detection of earthquakes by animals. There are two theories as to how animals may be able to detect earthquakes. One theory is that animals sense the earth’s vibrations. Another is that they can detect changes in the air or gases released by the earth. There has been no conclusive evidence as to how animals may be able to sense earthquakes.

In 2009, toads near L’Aquila, Italy deserted their mating sites prior to an earthquake. They did not return until a few days later after the last of the aftershocks. By reviewing motion-sensor camera activity, scientists in Yanachaga National Park, Peru noticed behavioural changes in the birds and mammals at the park prior to an earthquake in 2011. The animals exhibited a sharp decrease in activity for up to three weeks prior to the quake. The lack of activity was even more pronounced in the week prior to the event. In a separate event in 2012, researchers studying goat behaviour on Mount Etna in Sicily noticed that the goats became nervous and fled hours before a volcanic eruption.

Even my pet dog is very intuitive. She hates getting her nails cut and whenever I think about cutting her nails she runs away. I never say anything to reveal it and never did any action which was reveal it but she would automatically know that I was thinking of cutting her nails. She just knew. Another example is when I was planning of going on vacation. My dog would rarely come to me but when I was planning on going on vacation she would come to my room and just sit there and bodycheck the suitcase out of the way. How did my dog know?

Our Bodies and Our Instincts

Each cell in our body is alive and by nature, our bodies feel the truth. Do you ever get a heavy feeling in your body when something isn’t right? Do you ever get tension in your heart when you feel something’s off? Do you ever feel a sensation in your gut when something isn’t right? Our bodies respond to events around us even without an intellect. It somehow senses the truth before we even know it.

These deep seated intuitions save our lives and prevent any danger or troubles from coming. This is our automatic warning system which warns us before anything happens. We are all protected by this from Birth and we must learn to trust it. Listen to what your body is telling you. Your intellect isn’t the only one running this show. Your body is intelligent too, just in it’s own ways.

Intuitive Knowing in Children

Children have an intuitive sense of knowing. They catch on to things very quickly and have a great capacity to understand many things. One thing I am truly astounded by is how well they can understand something they have never learned, especially electronics and new technologies. These kids pick it up straight from the bat. They intuitively know what to do and understand how it works. How did they develop this skill when they haven’t even be formerly trained? My friend’s son never learned how to set up the electronics. All of the adults couldn’t figure it out so we gave his son a try. His son was only 8. He intuitively knew how this machine worked and which cords go where. He fixed the machine without any formal training and any formal knowledge of this technology. Where did this keen sense of intuition come from?

The Mom and Child Connection

Have you ever wondered why your mom knows everything. It’s not because she sneaks into your room to check but it’s because you are cosmically connected to her from birth. The mother has the special ability to sense what their children are sensing. They pick up on their children’s vibration and know in an instance if there’s anything wrong with them. The mom is very intuitive when it comes to raising their children. There is a primal connection that exists between the child and the mother.

To Sharpen Our Intuition

Sometimes we just need to listen to what our intuition is telling us. We think too much these days and we have lost that connection with our mind, body, and soul. We are bombarded with information, running our busy lives like there is no tomorrow. Sometimes we need to slow down and cut out whatever that isn’t necessary. By simplifying our lives, we will be able to listen to our intuition better.

If you are stressed out or worried, find ways to ground yourself. Grounding yourself can be as simple as reconnecting with the Earth. Physical exercise, taking a walk in nature, cleansing your body with water, meditation, breathing exercises, and walking barefeet on the soil of the Earth will reset your energies. Never make a decision when you feel off. Learn to make a decision when you are grounded and composed. Learn some techniques to ground yourself when you feel off. Click here to learn more about how to get rid of negative energy.

The more relaxed we are, the more intuitive we are. The more stressed we are, the more un-intuitive we are. Learn to live by listening to your heart. If you make the decision to live by your heart, you can never go wrong. Intuition is a funny thing. On paper it may make sense but in person you might feel it’s totally wrong. If something doesn’t feel right, avoid it like the plague. Our intuition protects us from dangers, only if we learn to listen to it.

Learn to listen to your body. Your body tells you if something isn’t right by stiffening up, having convulsions, or cramping. This may occur on any part of your body but is most obvious around your heart and your gut. If you feel uneasy, just look at what’s going on around you. It’s not looking around physically but sensing what’s going on around you in locations far away. What are you involved in and who is in your life. Take a closer look and pinpoint who or what is causing that sensation in you. Once you get used to this, you can pinpoint where and who it’s coming from. If the feeling is not good, be cautious with them. If the feeling is good, accept them into your lives.

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