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Living life is not about being timid, you need to be bold and productive in everything that you do. Never do things half-ass. If you are to put your time into something, give it a 100%, always. Be present in the moment and forget about everything else, and just focus on doing it. This is true zen practice.

Focusing on One Thing at a Time

When you do something, focus only on what you are doing. After you finish the activity is the time you can focus on something else. For example, the first thing that you do when you wake up out of bed may be to brush your teeth. When you brush your teeth, focus on doing the best job at it and nothing else. After you finish brushing your teeth, you move on to the next thing which may be to make breakfast. And when you make breakfast, you focus only on making breakfast.

Once you do this, life starts flowing smoothly. Once an activity is finished, you begin to flow seamlessly into the next activity, almost as though you are in a meditative trance. Life just flows and the next natural progression of events begins to occur. A lot of synchronicities may occur as well as a result of you living in the moment, living in the zone.

Compartmentalize Your Thoughts

While doing tasks, you may think about other stuff and that’s normal. But when you do something, make sure most of that focus is on doing the task. Some thoughts are distracting and the practice is to distance yourself from those thoughts. If you focus a 100% on what you are doing, you are fully being present.

I was taught this by someone important to me. There was a time when I was stressing out about something and I couldn’t sleep good for 2 weeks. This girl that I know is very good at handling her emotions and managing her time. One day late at night, I couldn’t sleep because I was stressing about something and then she told me to just think about it in the morning and at this time just focus on sleeping.

What she taught me is that there is a time and place for everything and by managing that you can live a better life. Learn to compartmentalize your life. Of course when things are going on that are stressful, it may be hard to get your thoughts off of it, but first ask yourself what use is all this worrying and stressing at this time? It is just distracting you throughout the day from what you should really be doing. Instead focus on what you should be really doing and improve upon your life.

You are living in your own head and in order to live a good life, you must create a healthy environment from within. There is a time to worry and stress but save that for later. Now, just do what you have to do to live and advance your life.

Schedule Your Time

When you want to think, schedule time just to think. If you have to work, schedule time just for that. If you have family obligations, schedule time for that. And when you schedule time for something, make sure you just focus solely on that. If you do this and schedule your time, you will have a much better time managing your emotions and time.

Focus on one activity at a time and just remember that there is a time and place for everything.

Yours Truly,

Spencer Kumo

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Thoughts I had Yesterday Thu, 19 Aug 2021 18:54:22 +0000 Yesterday I was walking through downtown Vancouver, thinking is this all there is to this life. Just looking at these people walking through downtown....

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Yesterday I was walking through downtown Vancouver, thinking is this all there is to this life. Just looking at these people walking through downtown. I wondered what was going on in the minds of these people. Do they have their focus on what’s really important in their life? Moreover, do they have their priorities in the right place? Many people’s lives are focused only around people they know and themselves, leaving the rest of the people out there to suffer.

I want to find meaning in this Life

What is this Life?

I want to find something meaningful.

Something Real.

Something Lasting.

Many people don’t see what is truly important in this world.

What is important in their lives is Selfish, only for their own pleasure.

In this world, they need to be aware of what they don’t see.

In the First World Countries, people live off of the exploitation of others.

For how could we afford such great things?

A Banana from Ecuqdor is $2.99 and the manufacturer, exporter, and retail stores all make money from it.

What is left?

The workers who work in the Banana Farms only get a sliver of a hair strand.

Just by thinking this…

I have won the lottery of life just by being Born.

Born in Canada.

If I was born elsewhere, I may have suffered a different fate.

A different destiny.

People are people, no matter where they are born.

They all deserve to be taken care of and to be treated good.

No person should ever live in misery.

This is 2021. We have come too far.

We have enough wealth and resources to make everyone in this world happy.

There is no such thing as scarcity as scarcity is just a tactic of business.

Everything is abundant.

We can print infinite money.

The world should focus not on one’s selfish desires.

This world should focus on helping one another.

What is the point of one person getting ahead while leaving everybody behind.

The fate of the world all rests on what we all do.

If we all keep on focusing on meaningless stuff, what would this world look like in 20-25 years? As the masses are stuck focusing on the wrong things, the rich get richer, more powerful, until all this world is theirs. When each individual awakens and focuses on what is most important to this world is when the world will begin to change.

Spencer K.

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To Reveal Your Destiny Sat, 03 Jul 2021 02:51:33 +0000 Philosophically, what is success? Is it a part of our destiny? Success is thought to be attaining what we desire but is that really...

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Philosophically, what is success? Is it a part of our destiny? Success is thought to be attaining what we desire but is that really true? These mental manifests of what we desire come from society and what everyone around us expects us to do. It may also come from a burning desire to attain something which we once lacked in our lives. But is this all true?

Why do we have desires in the first place? Why do we have dreams? This intellect is what separates us from the animals. This is a part of intelligence that only humans possess. Whether it be a gift or a curse, we must tread carefully. One may see it as a gift but if people are too set on their intentions, they lose sight of everything around them. When this occurs, they get blind-sided to all else including what life is truly trying to teach them. When this occurs, one may not notice the warning signs. Only truly skilled adepts would be able to tell.

Be Flexible

When life doesn’t go as planned, don’t worry. Don’t be too rigid with your thinking but be flexible enough so that you absorb new energies and new possibilities. When you learn to live with Life’s Flow, nothing will bother you because life just keeps on coming. What I mean by this is that by letting go of control, your energy is flowing. This means that all your blockages are gone. Things come as easily as things disappear. A lot of things will rapidly manifest right in front of your eyes and only the things that are meant to be will stick with you. There is always abundance because all the things you need continue to keep coming.

Do you ever notice that the Universe always takes care of you. When you need money, all of a sudden it appears. When you need help, all of a sudden it appears, whether it be in a form of a person, a dream, or a sign. The things that weren’t meant to be will never come so never fret those. Only the things that are meant to be will come and stick with you. The Universe will continually take care of you as long as you play your divine part.

It’s good to have dreams and desires but sometimes if we are too rigid, it blocks the life energy from us, which in turn drains our energy and creates blockages in our lives. You must learn how to flow with life. It’s a constant dance. Like Bruce Lee says: “Flow like Water.” If you aren’t attached to anything and accept everything that life offers, you will be a true adept.

To Let Go

Let there be no such things as expectations. Expectations is a forced kind of energy. It is very rigid and narrow. A supreme example of expectations is when you point your finger at a star thinking that it is totally aligned with it. The star is Trillions of light years away from the Earth. If you are pointing even 0.000001mm away from the target, you will miss your mark. Now that is expectations.

If you are too rigid with your thinking, there is no flexibility in your thinking. Your mind will be like stone, not accepting new ideas and possibilities. The moment one becomes like this, they have lost their manifesting capabilities. They can manifest the same things over and over in their lives but they can not manifest anything more than that. This is what being stuck in the rut is all about.

In the ancient Tao-ist ways, succeeding in life without really trying happens all the time when you let go of all forms of expectations. Energy flows to you when you let go of all control over your life. Blockages disappear once you accept everything as it is and hold no expectations. Just let the energy flow. It’s okay to feel emotions, just remember to let them go as freely as it came.

Expect Miracles to Happen

When you become like this, many miracles will begin to happen. Your path will begin to open. Your destiny will begin to reveal itself. You will notice many synchronicities happening. And let me be clear: Everything in your life will begin to align the moment you accept life for what it is and let go of all forms of control over your life.

This may mean that you quit your job. This may mean that you quit your relationship. And this just means that you will change to whom you’ve always wanted to become. You will no longer hold anything back nor care of what other people think. You will become your true self, the purest form of you.

Not many people live like this as their minds are so inter-woven with society. Society’s structure is so one-sided and so rigid in it’s way. The elite try to control us like this, swaying our opinions back and forth, back and forth, so that we continue to build and produce for them, to be their slaves forever. When you truly detach from society is when a different form of living appears.

When you let life flow, magical things will happen. When you truly relax and embrace life for what it is, your true life arrives. And remember, your destiny is already here. You will do what you were destined to do as it is all a part of God’s plan. We all need to play our part because that is why we exist in the first place. Fate just had it that you just had to come here.

Kind Regards,

Spencer Kumo

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Welcome Letter Sat, 26 Jun 2021 05:18:02 +0000 Welcome to Common Grip: Your Second Home. We all live in a fragmented world, with society being so complicated, the media showing us conflicting...

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Welcome to Common Grip: Your Second Home. We all live in a fragmented world, with society being so complicated, the media showing us conflicting things, with people and nations being torn apart, we wonder when and where we can ever feel safe. Even our own homes don’t feel like home sometimes.

I want to say, let this website be your second home, to be your safe place of refuge, where you don’t feel judged, where you don’t feel forced or coerced to think a certain way. Let this be the place where you can say whatever you want to say anonymously. Feel free to express yourself and to express your opinions. We want to hear from you.

We want you to live good. We’re not telling you to do anything. We just post what’s working for us. We write to record the ancient knowledge and to distribute it throughout the world for free. These ancient drops of wisdom are nothing the mainstream teaches us. This wisdom is so pure yet so simple, yet so true. We must keep our lives simple as well.

Society teaches us a lot of garbage. Society teaches us the wrong things. They do this on purpose so that they control you. They always have you chasing for more, making you feel empty. Then that equals a need for more, more, more. But when is more ever enough? When more becomes the mindset, nothing is ever enough. That’s why we are destroying our planet for this endless mirage of more wealth, more power, and more money.

The Native People of all across the world lived the right way. The lived simple lives yet they were all fulfilled. They took care of their land and lived off their land. They had everything, except we took everything from them and decimated their land, their culture, and their Heritage. It is Our Mission to bring that knowledge back and to help society to realize what is of true importance.

But time is running out. The Native Elders who hold the information are already at an old age. We must record their information and knowledge before it’s too late. Many Native Tribes are also getting extinct too. As society pushes into the jungles and modernizes these ancient cultures, soon there knowledge will be gone too. And when that happens, the whole world will be gone.

It is my mission to record this kind of information and knowledge and to distribute it for free all across the world. We are here to spread knowledge and to change the world and society in this way, in our own ways. We will create a ripple so big that how this whole world thinks will be greatly shifted. Let us all fulfill our duties on this Earth.

Best Regards,

Spencer Kumo

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How do I Overcome Life Challenges? Thu, 20 May 2021 00:54:24 +0000 When life comes at you, you have 2 choices: either to Run or to Face It. Challenges are inevitable in life, without them there...

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When life comes at you, you have 2 choices: either to Run or to Face It. Challenges are inevitable in life, without them there would be no growth. Is it not fun when you can grow? Of course it’s painful. Of course it’s stressful. Of course it’s scary. But we all have to face them. This is called life.

It’s the same as for Death, every single one of us must pass away some day. We can’t run from it. There should be no such thing as fear or embarrassment. It can exist temporarily but move yourself past that. Life hands us many things, some pleasant and some not so pleasant. Accept that.

Facing Challenges

If we run from challenges they would come back to us ten-fold and we would have to endure more pain over an extended period of time. If you want to spend more time being happy, go through the hard times head on and solve all of your problems while you are there. See all challenges as a way of levelling up.

Throughout the years I just chose to go at it head on and to get it over with. This saves so much time and troubles. Face things and get it over and done with so that you can encounter new situations in your life. Move forward with your life. Even though it may be stressful, painful, embarrassing, or scary, just do it and get it done so that you can have peace in your life. All of those negative emotions will disappear in a day or two.

When it gets to be a problem is when you procrastinate and run away from your challenges. Imagine being in that state for 2-3 years. That’s a waste of time which you could have been doing other things. You could have conquered all your challenges in 2-3 months then enjoyed the rest of the 2-3 years without putting yourself through so much turmoil.

Time is the most precious commodity that you have. You only have a short window of time that you are young. Face things head on and face all your fears so that you don’t become a grumpy old bitch later on in life.


Karma is resolved much quicker if you don’t hold on to your problems. If you conquer your challenges right away, your energy is free, it’s more released. But if you hold on to your problems and don’t do anything about them, it will taint your energy and take a lot out of you in the long run.

cat, pet, animal
Even cats must face their problems head on

You can even see this with people. Just imagine someone who’s life had been challenging but they went through all that. They are calm, and they have a smile on their face with laugh lines. Now imagine the person who’s been avoiding the most painful thing in their lives for a very long time. They are agitated, frustrated, and they have many stress lines on their faces. You can tell just by looking at people how they have handled their lives.

It’s better not to have any problems in our lives. That is why we fix our problems right away. If a challenge pops up, we conquer it right away. The more that you do this, the more fluid your life will become. Of course there will be some rough patches. Of course the challenges may last for several months or even years but face them so that you don’t have to go through them again.

Slay the dragon and the beast so that you don’t have to worry about them later on. Life just become easier once you do that. If you slayed all your dragons and beasts, your life is golden with nothing to worry about until life just happens again. The more that you face your challenges and take action, the easier your life will get. You will be able to face more and more and more until you reach new heights to which you have never encountered before.

Learn the Lesson

In the ancient teachings they state that a lesson is repeated over and over again until you learn from them. Only then can you move forward with your life. Then another life challenge will enter your life which you would have to learn from in order to progress even further.

If you’re sick of your life circumstances, do something about it. If there’s something that is a challenge, go after it. There is nothing to be scared of in this life. This life is only temporary anyways. There is nothing we can’t do. We are born again and again and again so don’t worry. Don’t worry about fucking up. Don’t worry about a thing. Just do what you think what’s right for you and for other people.

Do what you can and do what you want in your life. Don’t believe that this is just your only life. You can create the types of experiences that you want and that is the reason why we are here. Once you get past this you will be laughing about it 10 years from now and I might even be there beside you.

Your Truly,

Spencer K.

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Paying Attention to the Signs Tue, 18 May 2021 20:36:13 +0000 Life gives us clues as to the next steps we should take. These clues give you guidance on what’s best for you. You have...

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Life gives us clues as to the next steps we should take. These clues give you guidance on what’s best for you. You have the choice of acting on that advice. As you get more experienced, you will learn how to interpret these signs and to heed their guidance because many of the times they are right.

By the way, this form of communications is more direct than the angel numbers or spirit animals because these messages get straight to the point. You’ll know exactly what they’re talking about or referring to. The guidance from above are advice from the heavenly, from beings in other dimensions.

Each person is assigned a guardian angel from birth and the way they communicate is tailor-made just for you. A sign for you may be interpreted a different way to another person. This is because the way the angels talk to each one of us is different.

Noticing & Interpreting Signs

Signs are pretty obvious. If you don’t notice them, the angels will tell you over and over again until you get it. Sometimes they may give you some time in between the lessons so that it gives you a chance to figure things out on your own.

Life is like a huge maze. If they deem that you are needlessly running around in circles experiencing too much suffering, they will offer you the clues so that you can find yourself out of the maze. But when this happens, often times you will be too stressed out or not grounded enough to even notice these clues.

umbrella, sunlight, woman
It’s sunny and it’s raining

In this article I am not going to say what kinds of signs I notice because it may corrupt your ability to interpret your own signs but I will give you one example from my own personal experience. One time I was in a relationship that I thought was genuine. Before we got married, I kept on seeing stop signs everywhere, even to the point where a stop sign fell right in front of my face. Like, what are the chances that a stop sign will fall right in front of you? Back then I didn’t get the message but now I do after a long 7 year divorce.

The angels showed me a sign by dropping a huge stop sign right in front of me but I ignored it. Some signs are just like that, when they appear, you don’t even think of it as a sign until later on. Other signs can be very obvious and you may be able to act upon it right away. We must also understand that the state we are in can affect our direct ability to perceive and interpret these signs.

Signs can be anything that has meaning to you. You have to be aware of what’s going on in your life in order for you to interpret the signs properly. The more you begin to notice, the easier it will be to recognize the real signs from the false ones.

The key is not to be hyper vigilant in noticing them. The signs come when it is absolutely necessary. These are the angels nudging you and trying to guide you. You can never force signs because it just doesn’t work like that.

Almost Like Foreshadowing in a Movie

You ever notice when you’re watching a movie you can already tell what’s going to happen. Sometimes the movie director leaves certain clues before something big is going to happen. Well, this is called foreshadowing and it even happens in real life.

When foreshadowing happens in your life, you must take that message to heart. Something may stop you from doing something. Something may guide you on the right path. Your job is to notice these messages and listen to their advice. The key is to learn how to recognize what’s real from what’s not.

If your mind is too pre-occupied with looking for foreshadowing in your life, you won’t get anything. The only thing you’ll get is confusion in your life because everything will seem like a message for you. The key is not to try. Never be self-conscious about it because if you do, it will not come.

When it comes, it will just come and you will just know. It will hit you at the perfect moment. The only way to receive the clues is not to force yourself to look because the more you try, the more elusive it becomes. The key is to know that something will communicate with you when they want to communicate with you. If they don’t have anything to say, they won’t have anything to say.

If you are very unsure of yourself, you may get OCD with this. You may start interpreting everything as signs and you may begin to contradict yourself. For those who are like this, I’ll give you some advice: “Just Don’t Think About it”. When it’s time, it will come.

In order to notice these signs better, you must be in a Flow State.

Entering the Flow State

A quick way to enter the flow is to get in tune with the Earth. Anything that grounds you so that you remain centred is good. Meditation works great and so as grounding. Sometimes can use the energy of rocks or of nature to get you back on track. If anything in life knocks you off-balance, it is your job to centre yourself by using the above techniques.

woman, handball, women's handball
Everything moves in slow motion when you’re in the flow state

The moments when you are most relaxed is when the best of ideas are transmitted to your head. Your job is to relax and notice the clues that life leaves you. The flow state is entered by being relaxed but hyper focused at the same time. You are so relaxed that you are able to pay attention to every single thing happening around you without even paying attention to it. You make all the right moves, and every action and thought occurs spontaneously and are the right ones.

If you ever played sports you would have heard of the term “Being in the Zone”. Well, this is the flow state. Even in the most intense of moments, one is calm. Everything seems to be moving in slow motion. You are able to read every person’s next movements and thoughts. You are able to predict the future and act upon it to change it.

When you’re relaxed is the moment your energy is flowing. When you’re in a relaxed state, there is a high probability you can enter the flow state. These are the times when you will be able to see and interpret signs with ease. The flow state is being in a waking state of meditation.

When You Can’t Receive or Interpret Signs

If your life is too busy and full of distractions, you won’t be able to notice the clues that life will leave you. If you’re stressed out or worried, your thoughts will be too preoccupied to even notice these signs. If you are unbalanced in your life, you will never know what you are missing.

If the matter is urgent and the angels want you to really notice, sometimes they will make it easy for you to notice even in the most intense of moments. Again, the interpretations are up to you because each person is different.

Asking for Signs

Just imagine if you are wondering which path you should take. All you need to do is ask in your heart then a clue will magically appear right in front of you. It may not happen right away but when the sign comes, it will be blatantly obvious. You will feel it in your heart.

The trick is to let it just happen. The question may not reach them until much later on. By the time you forget that you asked is when the clue may appear. Again, you can never really force things as the universe moves according to it’s own accord.

The clues will appear miraculously without putting in any effort at all. You don’t even need to think about anything, it just pops up in front of you. And when it does pop up right in front of you, it’s up to you on how you interpret it and to take action upon it.

The signs appear for you to act upon it. It’s very important to pay attention to your surroundings and what’s going on around you when the signs do appear. If you’re not grounded, it will be very difficult to notice the signs. To notice these signs, you must be relaxed and in harmony with the world. You must be at one with the flow, going with the flow of life.

Paying Attention to the Heavenly

Life experience teaches us many things. For some, we’ve known and been in touch with other worlds since birth. Living in between the worlds, living between the movements is a way of life that must happen naturally without trying. It can never be forced. The more you try to chase it, the more elusive it becomes.It’s like breathing, it should come naturally because that’s the only way it flows.

When you know, you just know, there is no explanation. If you can’t comprehend, you can try to scratch the surface but don’t fret on it too much. There is a world that exists between the worlds. There are some things that normal humans will never notice.Living in between the worlds means that you can sense the movements within this world and that of outside.

There are other worlds that we cannot see, other beings which we cannot see, other entities, other spirits, other energies. Science alone can never define this because it doesn’t have that capacity. When science and spirituality converge is when mega changes will occur in this world.

Best Regards,

Spencer K.

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What is Personal Development and why is it so important? Sat, 15 May 2021 05:30:27 +0000 First of all, personal development should not even be a word because it is life itself. To live is to grow, to expand, continually...

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First of all, personal development should not even be a word because it is life itself. To live is to grow, to expand, continually and forever until decline. Do you ever see a tree stop growing? Growth and Development is called living, it’s only natural. Humans have the great ability to destroy themselves and to get in their own way and that is the problem with them.

Sometimes it’s okay not to grow, only if it’s for a short while. We all must take a break sometimes to reflect. This goes even for the greatest of people. Most often when you aren’t growing is when the fruits of your labour have presented itself. In this case, you are just enjoying. What you sow is what you receive.

Don’t let life pass you by so fast. Have some time to cherish the moment, to savour the victories. Just don’t stay in that reflecting period for too long, otherwise your life will begin to stagnate. And when you stagnate is when your roots begin to rot.

Move at Your Own Pace

Walk a few steps then pause to see where you want to go. That’s the pace called life. Some have a faster pace while others move at a slower pace. It doesn’t matter though because each person is moving forward at their own pace. It only matters that you are moving forward, reflecting just enough in the past so as to contemplate your next moves. This is human evolution. We all move together as one even though we think we’re apart.

The “Modern Human Life” would encounter more meaning if humans began to think as a species as a whole. This current idea of looking at our selves as individuals is eating away at the conditions of our soul. If only we knew how to live and breathe as one could we ever think and act as one. We would have a much more beautiful society if that were the case.

If we all realize that we are one, all of society’s problems would be solved. Human evolution must not be tainted by the word “Competition”. This word is not to be confused with evolution. Competition is evolution at it’s most cave-man like form. True human evolution of peace and love can only be obtained through “Cooperation”. That is what humans need for the next chapter of human evolution.

If You Are Stuck

As advanced as humans think they are, they complicate matters with their own thoughts. Their main asset, which is their ability to think sometimes becomes their biggest liability. Their thoughts hold them back from many things. Only if they knew that thoughts are just thoughts and that they can program their own selves.

waterfalls, cascades, nature
Be like water. Flow like water.

If you are stuck, it’s because your mind is stuck. When you are in a circumstance where you are stuck, just take a look at your surroundings. Most likely, you will see clutter and a dirty environment around you. A clean mind needs a clean environment. If you want to clean your thoughts, clean everything around you. Wash and clean and organize. It’s no joke. What is within is reflected on the outside.

When you’re stuck it could also be a sign. I shouldn’t really say this but I want to keep it very real: If things aren’t meant to be, it will never work out no matter how hard you try. This is a fact. If somethings not meant for you, it won’t come. Instead, something that’s the perfect fit for you that’s truly meant for you will come. That moment always enters one’s life only if they are wise enough to acknowledge.

Who Owns the Real Estate in Your Mind

Always sing your own song instead of listening to the songs of others. What I mean by this is that you are the controller of your own life. Program yourself the way you want to be programmed. Never let anyone or any media sources have control over your thoughts.

Who owns the real estate in your mind?

If you take a look at your mind in the form of a pie chart, your thoughts and opinions are those of others. Only a small portion of your thoughts and opinions are self derived. Where did you come up with those thoughts and opinions? If you’re honest with yourself, it comes from your parents, your friends, society and how the elite schemers wanted us to think. The only true real estate that you own in your mind comes from your own personal life experiences.

This simple fact could change your entire life. The biggest change happens once you break away from society and what it has taught you. When you give yourself some space in between the worlds, you will have plenty of time to think for yourself. The ability to think for yourself is the key to taking back your power. Take a break from life and just allow yourself some space to breathe and to think.

Push Pull of Life

Lets admit it. Sometimes life pushes us in a certain direction. Do we acknowledge this fact? No. Because pride and ego get in the way. When things are so blatantly obvious is when life is pushing you in that direction. If that’s the case, go with it. If you resist, you will exhaust your time, energy, and resources. If you learn to go with the flow things will get much easier.

Our ego gets in the way of many things. It must be like this or it must be like that. Forget all that when life pushes you in a certain direction. Take the gift that life gives you and move in that direction. Hold what’s dear to you in the core but when it’s time to move, it’s time to move.

man, woman, dog
Don’t take life too seriously.

Life is all about energy. You push to get what you want. This creates a wave, a ripple. The returning wave is what you get from when you pushed. What comes is what life pushes upon you. That’s the result of the fruits of your labour. What you reap is what you sow. Expend a lot of energy and you get that energy back in some form or another. This is the push pull of life.

If you do not push or do not pull, there is nothing. If we want things out of life, we must expend a certain amount of energy otherwise we will just perish. Humans are creators, we are not meant to remain still and to be stagnant. We must create ripples in our lives, otherwise we won’t get anything back.

This may be the case but a strong sense of destiny may befall you at times. This is when life just hand you something, sometimes quite forcibly. When this time comes, you must always be ready. The time has come when you can finally put to use all of the experiences that you’ve accumulated.

Make sure that what you’re spending your energy on is something good. Something good is not something good that’s just for yourself. Something good is about moving the human species forward. Benefit society and focus on the true evolution of mankind.

We have an ability. We just forgot how to use it.

The In-Betweens or Transitioning Phases of Life

When you’re in a learning process or adapting to a new situation, it can get quite overwhelming. This step in between a step is called the transitional phase of life. One starts off with wanting to do something, to be something, then takes the step to make that a reality. This transitional phase between the step and the step is quite painful at times.

We must get acquainted to the new environment before being fully capable in that arena. This phase tests us a lot in life. It pushes our limits. It pushes our boundaries. This may be the time when you start to grow. It could also be a time when your growth is stunted.

Let me use the analogy of a plant. When you do a transplant, meaning to move the plant from a smaller pot to a bigger pot, the plant stops growing as it adjusts to it’s new pot. Sometimes it goes into shock for a couple of weeks and doesn’t grow until it starts to get familiar with it’s new surroundings. Once it fully adapts, it begins to grow again.

Be patient during these times. Young people of today go from one thing to another like there’s no tomorrow. If you really want results in your life, you must stick with something until the very end. If it becomes blatantly obvious that that isn’t your path, then that’s okay too. Just the point of trying to the best of your abilities is what matters most. See things to the very end. You can always choose another career path once everything becomes clear.

Choosing a Career

When you choose a path, you need to be real serious about it. You must be fully committed and dedicated. You can’t just flake off in a year or two. A career is no joke. From the CEOs to the janitors sweeping your floors, have pride in what you do.

Have pride in whatever you are doing however small it may be. If you are going to do something, it might as well be spent on something excellent. Why do a half ass job when you can do the perfect job in the same time. This is a Japanese way of thinking. If you’re going to do something, you might as well be the best as you can at it or strive to be the best at it, otherwise it’s a complete waste of time.

That challenge to be the best at what we do is what keeps us going. That is what keeps us innovating and progressing as a society. Our career is an important part of our life. That’s why you might as well take up something that you like. If you don’t have something that you like and you are employed, strive to be the very best at what you do. You might as well be very good at what you do to the best of your abilities.


While we are living make it a mission to bring your absolute best to the table each day. When you’re going through something new, oftentimes it can get rough. You may get stressed out or you might not be able to handle the pressure. Don’t break. In this case, just keep on moving forward but at your own pace.

Look at stress as a strong wind that makes the trunk of the tree strong. Stress enables the person to grow but too much of it can thwart a person’s growth. Lets just admit: Stress is unavoidable. We need a little of it in order for growth but if too much, we can go on a decline.

This is the thing about humans. We don’t know when to turn it off. Overthinking crowds our minds and confuses our thoughts and stresses us out even more. We do this unconsciously without thinking. This is what I call going through the loop. This is your habitual mode of thinking and you need to stop that.

If you are a constant worrier or a person who stresses out easily, just pause for a second. Is that thought really needed at this time? Learn how to compartmentalize your life. When a situation happens, it’s okay to feel it at the time. But after the situation has passed and ended, in some cases, it’s no longer appropriate to reflect back on it. So in that case, you just move on and not think about it. Why keep yourself in the past?

Pay Attention: Your Future is Coming

The future is always coming with every single moment, with every breath. If we don’t look ahead, we might run into a wall. Can you walk in the forest and move among the trees with your head turned backwards? No. Why do you even bother looking at the past. Of course, it’s good to reflect once in a while but it’s not healthy to look back at it all the time. The past shouldn’t set the tone for your present life. You set the tone for your life right now, with every single moment, with every single breath.

Do you know how powerful you are? You can change your life instantly in a blink of an eye if you transform the person inside. Imagine how fast your life could change if someone else entered your body and started living. You will be a completely different person to everyone that knows you. Imagine if Steve Jobs entered your body and nobody knew. You would be acting differently and doing different things than you normally would.

heron, hern, fish
The path presents itself.

You would still look the same with the same face and the same body but your overall actions will be different. Your habits, your hobbies, your mindset, your approach to life, and how you handle certain situations would be completely different which would bring your life to a much different direction than if you were the pilot of your own body.

If you can change the person inside by changing your beliefs about yourself, you can do that. This is called having mastery over yourself. You can change your life circumstances very fast if you do this. You just need to let go of your past beliefs and to mould and change your inner being to what you want to be.

It’s very important that you know the end result you want to be because without it, the results of your manifestations would be nil. You will turn into something but you’d rather have some control and say into who you want to be. That is all I’m trying to say. If you have role models or people who you admire, copy their good traits and add them to your arsenal.

Life as we know it begins from a seed, a womb, or an egg. From there the living organism grows and develops into a mature being. The mature being survived many experiences and stressors to reach where they are at right now. The fierce winds made the trunk of a tree strong. The hardships you experienced made you more resilient in life. Life just happens and you just need to learn how to roll with it. Many people stay hit and remain down and that’s what’s wrong with the majority of the people right now.

Remember the 4 Seasons

I’m not talking about the Hotel chain here. I’m talking about the actual seasons. The 4 seasons exists in everything in the Universe. In winter, it’s a time of rest, to think, to plant new seeds and to prepare for what’s coming ahead. In spring, we start building and grow from where we were the previous season. In the summer, we flourish, with all of our hard work paying off. We sow what we reap. In Autumn, we shed unwanted aspects of ourselves. As you can see, the plants have the 4 seasons and so do we. Only in the ancient times did we remember this: The Summer and Winter Solstices.

Just by knowing that everything goes through the 4 seasons will alleviate many of your problems and issues. By knowing this fact, you would want to progress and clear as many hurdles as you possibly can so that you can clear that stage of your life and move to the next. Remember, you must go through your own hurdles and go through your own processes before you move on to the next phase of your life. Each person is different and goes at their own pace.

You must learn the current lesson before you can proceed to the next chapter of your life. By this I mean that the same lessons would be presented in your life until you finally learn from them. That’s why you find yourself getting into the same kinds of relationships. That’s why you find yourself in the same sorts of situations. You must get out of that loop. When the universe finally acknowledges that you have learned the lesson, you will be moved on to the next steps.

Yours Kindly,

Spencer K.

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What Happens to Souls in the Afterlife that Commit Suicide Sun, 02 May 2021 03:13:05 +0000 Natural Death happens when the soul is fully grown and ready. Death is a time of transformation much like when the caterpillar turns into...

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Natural Death happens when the soul is fully grown and ready. Death is a time of transformation much like when the caterpillar turns into a cocoon, waiting to become a butterfly. There is the 2 week period where the soul is still in this plane thinking as if it were still human. During this 2 week period, you must leave the dead body alone so that the soul can finish it’s unfinished business before they fully reach the afterlife. However if you commit suicide, it’s different.

If you choose to commit suicide, you soul is still premature and not ready for the full transcendence. Therefore the soul must fully mature without the body. Even when you die, your consciousness will still remain as it is now. You will be feeling as you were and thinking as you were before your death. If your thoughts are in a state of Hell right before death, you will be in a state of hell after death. People who have committed suicide have not matured as souls as they should have, therefore they are not able to break through to the other side.

Heaven is a State of Mind

You always have time to improve your life.
You always have time to improve your life.

What you feel now is what you will feel after death. That’s why if you kill yourself, your current ways will remain. Only when people die from a natural death are their souls really ready to go to the other side. Sudden death like committing suicide, getting murdered or dying in an accident are very tragic to the soul. When death happens this way, the soul just loses a body. They are still attached to their astral bodies though. That is what keeps them bounded to this Earth. The astral body is what we think are ghosts.

Only when the soul fully cuts the cords of the astral body do they get transported to the other realm but they cannot do that if their soul isn’t ready. A sudden death almost always leaves the soul to ponder and wonder about it’s life in the realms in between. This is a lonely and tumultuous process as they must go at it alone until their soul is fully ready to enter the other realm. They are not able to go fully to the other side so they must fix their issues and mature as souls without a body. When the soul has fully matured and is finally ready, they cut the cord to this world and go to the other side. That is when they forget everything about themselves and just melt into nothingness. They merge with the oneness.

I have to say, by observing these astral bodies/ ghosts for all my life, they are lonely. When they are in that state where they don’t have a body and can’t pass over to the other side, all they have is themselves. Other ghosts cannot see them. Living beings cannot see them. You will be all alone. Some souls can’t handle it and they go even crazier. Those ones usually remain alone on this plane for centuries. That is what happens when you take your life before you were meant to go. So don’t do it.

It’s much easier to remain alive because there are resources around you that you can use to help yourself. If you commit suicide, you have none of that. You will totally be alone, alone even in the darkest nights. You won’t sleep a wink because in the astral body, you don’t need to sleep. You will be constantly thinking and if your thinking is already bad, you will get into a worse mental state. I can tell you it will be absolute hell. Some of the ghosts I’ve seen are so gone, I don’t even have hope for them. Being alive and in a super bad position is still way better than taking your life and being a wondering soul. I can guarantee you that.

When you are alive, you have many chances. You have a lot of help. Use those. They are meant to be used. Life is easy. All you need to do is to live. To live until the end is the journey. Might as well enjoy it and make the most of it. Try your hardest and if you fail at something, who cares. Just keep on going. You have many years left. You have as many years as it takes for your soul to be fully ready to depart naturally. You never want to be one of those lost souls, trust me on this.

Your Life Capsule

When your soul is fully ready to go to the other side, it departs from the 3D world, shedding a shell of the former self and this creates a hologram. That hologram is the final product of your life that you lived. That hologram is already finished so your soul cannot enter it anymore. That hologram is what you leave in the Akashic Records in a form of a book. Your mission is now complete and now it’s time to move on to other things.

That Hologram is the production of your soul’s work. It is everything that you did and experienced during that lifetime. That hologram is like a photo album that is full of what you did in that life. When certain people see you after they passed away, they only see the former image of you that they remembered. Some will see you when you were most shining in that life. They may not even recognize you because you may look much younger than what they remember. When we see dead relatives in the afterlife, it’s like that. The souls are already gone from them. Only their holograms remain.

Every single thing that was once living has a hologram of its life. All of this information is stored in the Akashic Records. Our main job as souls is to create these holograms to perfection. We are in turn building characters. Building these characters is a part of the contract. It is best done with a vehicle called your body. If you lose that vehicle, you may never return to the other realm again. You must finish all parts of the soul contract before you can ascend to the afterlife.


Killing yourself doesn’t solve anything. That awful feeling will never go away. Killing yourself will be even worse because you will be all alone. Just imagine, if your head is not in a good place right now, how would it feel if you remain stuck like that all alone. You will feel lonely and depressed. That is why some ghosts remain that way for centuries and centuries.

It is much better to live, no matter how hard it is right now. This is because you have people around you that can help you. If you kill yourself, you just shed your physical body. You cannot see other ghosts and they cannot see you. You will be in a world of your own. You will be able to see everything that is going on but nobody would see you because they won’t know that you exist. You will suffer immensely. But over time, possibly a century of going crazy alone without a blink of sleep, you may come to terms with your feelings and when that time comes, you will be transported to the realms of the after-life.

Just imagine the ghosts roaming around. Some don’t even know that they’re dead. Some are in denial that they are dead. I see ghosts every day. I see them as much as I see crows or squirrels or other types of animals. They are just out there doing their own thing. They are going through what they have to go through and they have a lot of time to think and to figure out their problems. And some take a very long time but that’s okay because it’s all a part of the process.

Committing suicide is very similar to premature Birth. When you kill yourself, your soul is not ready, then you suddenly lose your body then get stuck in between the realm of life and death. That grey zone is where they remain until they fully mature as souls. That grey zone is lonely. Sometimes an angel might come down just to save them, to guide them, but will they ever hear those clues. If they are ignorant, they never will.

Remember your soul contract.

Spencer K.

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Everyday Habits to a Strong and Positive Mindset Fri, 30 Apr 2021 03:14:22 +0000 Having a strong and positive mindset doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time. In order for this mindset to be set in stone, you must...

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Having a strong and positive mindset doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time. In order for this mindset to be set in stone, you must first practice achieving it and keeping it there. A mindset is a habit. That’s what they say by a habitual way of thinking. We must make a strong and positive mindset a habit. Sounds easy right? It is. All you need to do is to let go of your past beliefs which aren’t serving you anymore.

Our foundation of our conceptions of the world and our thought patterns were formed during the ages of 0 to 7. These foundation years say a lot about who we are today as adults. We are all a product of those very first years and look at where we are today. The environment in which you were raised really matters. It matters a lot. But don’t worry. Don’t blame your parents for it. We just need to be aware that we can turn around our circumstances at any time.

Nobody has a perfect life. Life is made so that it moulds us. The process may take years. Just take a look at the Grand Canyon. Did you know that all those lines made against those walls were carved by millions of years of water passing through those channels. And now look at the final result. And after another million years, that too will change. Life is constantly moulding us into who we are meant to be.

Even if you think you’re doing badly in life, surely those struggles will not go to waste. Nothing is ever a waste in this life. Everything is an experience that we get to learn from that shapes us into who we are, whether we like it or not. Life can change in unimaginable ways and to get there, there’s always a process that we need to go through. We must understand that everything goes through the 4 phases of life in this Universe: Birth, Growth, Peak, and Death. Everything goes through these cycles. There is no escape.

First Things First

You must always begin where you are no matter what. Or how else would you get there? It magically doesn’t happen just like that. Everything takes work. Everything has to go through it’s own process. There is no rushing through it. Everything takes time. Let life mould you how it wants to mould you and take notice of who you are becoming. If you don’t like a certain aspect of yourself, mould yourself by changing some aspects of your circumstances. By realizing that you have the power to change, everything becomes possible.

Some things we can’t change and that’s alright. Just focus on the things you can change to better your own life. Never feel discouraged. Everybody has to start somewhere. Nobody got to the top just like that. Everybody had their struggles. That’s why when you hear successful people talking, they laugh back at their struggles and their past mistakes. You’re going to be like that so don’t worry.

Take a Hard Strong Look At Yourself

Just stand in front of the mirror for a little while and take a hard strong look at yourself. Do you like who you are becoming? If yes, that’s good. Start thinking of more ways that you can positively change your life. If you don’t like who you’re looking at in the mirror, it’s time to do something about it. Many people procrastinate and overthink. That disables them to do what they need to do to improve their lives. They are too afraid or ashamed because others are doing it way better than them. But what they must first understand is that if they don’t choose to change, they will forever be where they are.

training, muscles, arms
Like what you see all the time. You’re the most precious asset to yourself.

If you want to be happy, choose to be happy. Clear away all your problems and surround yourself with desirable circumstances. Life is like that. If you have bad circumstances around you, list all those on a piece of paper. Your job is to cross off each of those undesirable circumstances and to change those into desirable ones. Life is that easy. Cross off the ones from your list and replace them with better ones.

Before we delve further, we must first learn about ourselves and to get to know why we started to think the way we currently do. It may have to do with confidence issues which weren’t resolved in early childhood. It could have been a traumatic event that staggered you though life that even affects you to this day. It could be anything. You need to find the root cause of it and come to terms with it. Our main characters and views of the world were formed during the ages of 0-7 years old.

Forget and Don’t Look Back

Sometimes people let one negative thing ruin their whole day. That one negative event sets a negative tone for the entire day. Have you ever had days like this? I had when I was in my 20s until I trained myself to think in terms of the day as a whole. There are ups and downs everyday but life is how you handle them. The better you get at handling your life, the more easier it will get. If one negative thing happens, don’t let it ruin the 10 good things that happened during that day.

When you start thinking negatively, catch yourself doing it. By being aware that you are thinking negatively, you are in a perfect position to rewrite your subconscious programming. What just happened that made you think negatively? Why did you feel that way? Since when did you start feeling that way? Get to know yourself intimately and honestly. Forget your ego. Forget your pride. Take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror and understand the true reasons why. Accept that it happened, adjust and move on.

In order to have this kind of mindset, we must learn to let go and move on with our lives. When a situation in our lives has already occurred, it is already done. There is no going back, you cannot change it, it’s done. Do not dwell and just move on. Let bygones be bygones. Animals are good at this. When a zebra is grazing and gets chased by a lion and escapes,15 minutes later the same zebra can be seen grazing again. They do not remain paranoid of the lion when the lion isn’t there. When the lion isn’t there, they are able to return to normal. Animals are good at living in the present moment. They never let their past situations or future preconceptions stifle them. When a situation has ended, they let go, and move on.

On the other hand, humans are way too smart in a bad way. Once a negative thing happens, they cannot forget about it. They keep on thinking about it over and over and that is when it starts to wreck havoc in their lives. When a situation has ended, don’t dwell over it. Don’t put it on repeat like a broken record. Move on and live in the present. The future is coming and many things are coming so pay attention to that. Pay attention to what’s coming ahead. It’s the same as for driving. You cannot drive forwards if you’re always looking backwards at the rear view mirror. You have to look forwards to get to where you are going. It’s the same thing with life.


When something bad happens and you need to stay focused, to keep on track, use affirmations. Affirmations are powerful. You don’t even need to say the words “I AM”. All you need to do is to repeat certain traits that you want of yourself. So if you feel weak, you say “Strong”. If you feel sad, you say “Happy”. Affirmations may not work right away but they do have some effect on the subconscious mind.

Whenever a tough situation would occur, I would repeat in my head the types of qualities that were needed to overcome that situation. For instance, if I needed courage I would constantly be saying inside my head “Courage”. If I needed to relax, I would repeat the word “Relax” in my head. If you think about it, we are subconsciously programming ourselves all the time by thinking the way we are. In order to change that programming, you need to get out of that mind-loop that you’re in. Sometimes you need to roll up your sleeves and tell your own mind that enough is enough, I’m going to program you (as in your own mind) the way I want to program you.

By taking control of how you want to think by using affirmations, your thoughts and habits will change bit by bit. A strong and positive mindset doesn’t happen overnight. It takes years and years of conquering tough situations, conquering them with ease. It’s not easy but it can be done. In my 20s I was the most negative person in the world. Now that I’m in my 30s, I know how to handle life because life has put me through a lot. After having been through the worst, I can truly say that your happiness and well-being all rests with your mindset and how you handle life.

If you have the right mindset, you can overcome anything and everything. Life just becomes easier. A majority of people get stuck in the negative mindset but they can instantly change that by catching themselves in the act. The key is to program yourself to be the person that you want to be.

In My Opinion: Stay Away from All Media

Do you know monkey see monkey do? In Asia, we have these collection of figurines of 3 monkeys. One is covering it’s eyes. One is covering it’s ears. And the other is covering it’s mouth. See no evil, hear no evil, then do no evil. The elites who run this world know this too but they use this against us. Just think: Why is there so much violence, sex, drugs, psychopathic behaviours, and negative stuff on TV? Why are they openly showering us with content that is devolving the human species?

tv, kids, cartoons
Look carefully at what your children are watching. What they see is what they become.

And we have been programmed since we were little kids by watching their cartoons. If you have kids, take a look at what they are watching. I have a son and in a cartoon they are already showing cleavage in children’s cartoons, especially Disney ones. Just imagine what else they are exposing our kids to. Mind you, I’m going a little off topic but I am just letting you know that everything that you are exposing yourself to everyday is impacting the well-being of your mental health.

Mainstream music and TV shows subconsciously programs you. When you are exposed to these things, you are being hypnotized in a way, letting in dangerous subliminal messages. Sounds emanated from these broadcasts is frequency programming. Do you know what frequency you’re being fed? Through current technology, they can target the frequency to go to certain parts of your mind. The owners of these media can literally control you by exposing you to their content. If they want you to get angry or agitated, to get depressed, to get anxiety, or to get sad, they can do that. Stay away from the garbage they expose to you in the media. All of your favourite songs are sprinkled with subconscious messages as well.

Have a Main Objectives for the Day

Have a main objective of the day no matter what. I set my main objective of the day to be productive and to be happy. Whatever life throws at me during the day doesn’t bother me at night. I always end my day on a high note. I always do what I set out to accomplish. If I can’t do all of them I at least get some done, you feel me. By having an objective to your day in like getting things done, it sets the tone for the entire day. You day becomes mission oriented so no matter what life throws at you, you simply go through it. You will accomplish all those things that you set out to do because once you start accomplishing those things, you will feel that much better. It’s a healthy addiction I would say.

Even though you feel like shit, if you accomplish what needs to get done, you will automatically feel better after the whole day is over and done with. Many people don’t get what needs to get done because one bad thing happened to them in the morning that took away their entire ability to get done what needed to get done that day. That’s why these people are living behind because they don’t allow themselves to get ahead in life. Life is all about positioning yourself. Always position yourself for a better tomorrow.

People who live right and are happy always get stuff done that needs to get done. They clear obstacles out of their way and that’s how they progress in life. They show up no matter what and accomplish what needs to get done. See life as being very similar to that of reading a book. In order to finish reading a book we must read and flip through all the pages. Successful and happy people are continuously reading and flipping through the pages. Unsuccessful people are too scared to flip through the pages. Fear and uncertainty step in their way. If they could flip to the next page they could see their destiny.

Again, life is about progress. If you’re not growing, expanding, or moving forward with your life you are dying. To live means to grow. Just take a look at the plants. You are strong enough and you will get through it. You know this quote: Everything is temporary: Emotions, Thoughts, People, and Scenery. Do not become attached, just flow with it. Just flow with it and program yourself the way you want to be programmed and control your mindset. Life will mould you in unimaginable ways and it’s all for your own good.

Your Sincerely,

Spencer K.

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Morning Routine for Productivity Wed, 21 Apr 2021 23:17:51 +0000 Morning routines are powerful for starting your day. Starting off the morning right jump starts your day so that you can accomplish much of...

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Morning routines are powerful for starting your day. Starting off the morning right jump starts your day so that you can accomplish much of what you set out to do. It sets your mind right as you put your priorities first. What you do in the mornings is very habitual, that is why it takes effort to change. What do you do first thing in the morning? Then what do you do after that? See. I told you it was habitual. Unless you are very spontaneous, your morning routines will usually be the same.

The first thing you do when you wake up is to open your eyes and be conscious that you are awake. Everyone in the world starts off their days like this but what people do after splits into a million different possibilities. Some people stay in bed starring at the ceiling. Some people check their phones, while others go brush their teeth. What makes us who we are is defined by what we do after opening our eyes once awake.

Most productive people get up early so that they have more time to do what is necessary for them. Jeff Bezos of Amazon likes to wake up early so that he can putter around his house. He says that his time in the morning is very important to him because it gives him some time to relax. His puttering can be may things including having breakfast with his children, reading the newspaper, catching up on the news, or any other simple task. He starts off his mornings like this until he has his first meeting at 10am.

How To Plan Your Mornings to Become More Productive

What people do is different. All successful people have different morning routines. One thing they have in common though is that they have a morning routine. People are habitual creatures and habits define who we are. That is why the morning routine is very important. One should plan accordingly to what is of importance to them. If one prioritizes their health, one should focus on getting that done in their morning routine. By getting done what you most prioritize first thing in the morning gives you an energy boost because what you place importance on has already been accomplished before you even begin your day.

Wake up a little early and give yourself some time.
Wake up a little early and give yourself some time.

Use your mornings for something that enhances your growth. Use it to elevate either your Mind, Body, or Spirit. You can read a book or do some studies. You can exercise, practice yoga, or go for a run. You can draw and be creative, to work on your side business. Do something that you will be proud of doing. Don’t use your mornings to do tasks that you should be doing in the afternoons. Instead, use your mornings to do the things you wished you had time for.

Waking up at a certain time is important but don’t stress yourself out thinking about this. The most important thing is to do what you set out to do in the mornings. If you promised yourself that you would practice yoga, actually practice yoga first thing in the morning. Do it although you may have woken up 20 minutes late. Just the fact that you did what you set out to do for even a minute will change how you look at your day. The more you do this, the more you will get into a routine. After that, you’ll naturally start waking up at your desired time because your mind, body, and spirit can’t wait for you to start your day.

And don’t jam pack your morning routine. Prioritize what’s important to you and just do one task to begin with. Then, as you get used to doing it, add another component, then another component. I started off my mornings by doing push ups but then as I got used to it, I incorporated squats into my morning routines. Key rule is to start with one. Once you get used to accomplishing that one task, it will give you more confidence to do more with your mornings and more with your days.

Your morning routine should give you energy and a sense of accomplishment. I remember when I first started doing a good morning routine is that I felt good after doing it. Before the day even began, I had accomplished what I had placed the most importance on which was my physical fitness. Keep on doing this no matter what and after a year, you’ll notice a huge difference in your life. Small actions compound and accrue positive interest. Make an investment of your time by utilizing your mornings in a positive way.

Make Your Own Morning Routine

My morning routine takes approximately 30 minutes. The first thing that I do when I wake up is to do 3 sets of push ups and 3 sets of squats. After that I proceed to brush my teeth and shave. Then I go into my office and practice Wim Hoff Breathing. After that I meditate for 15 minutes. After that I take a cold shower for 3 minutes and 33 seconds. Then I go downstairs, make breakfast, have some tea, and then start my day at 9am.

That’s my morning routine right now. I feel good after doing this because before I had no time for doing meditation or doing Wim Hoff. Now I do this first thing in the morning so I already finished half of what I set out to do for the day. Now I want to incorporate waking up a little earlier so that I have time to read the newspaper. My wake up times have been pretty random but all within 30 minutes of each other. Sometimes I wake up at 7:50am, or even 8am, or even 8:15am but I still do the same morning routine everyday. I also start my day at exactly 9am so it works out. Sometimes I need to rush some exercises but I still get them done.

After a year of having a good morning routine, I have more energy and more confidence. I am more productive than before. I really recommend that you build your morning routine too. Start off with one thing that you place the most importance on. If you’ve always wanted to read a book, start with that. Wake up a bit early and read a book for 15 minutes everyday. Or if you’ve always wanted to go jogging, go with that. Start with whatever that you’ve wanted to do that you’ve had no time for. This will jump-start your day a 100%. I hope you create a wonderful morning routine and that it makes a huge difference in your life.


Spencer K.

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