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To Reveal Your Destiny

Philosophically, what is success? Is it a part of our destiny? Success is thought to be attaining what we desire but is that really true? These mental manifests of what we desire come from society and what everyone around us expects us to do. It may also come from a burning desire to attain something which we once lacked in our lives. But is this all true?

Why do we have desires in the first place? Why do we have dreams? This intellect is what separates us from the animals. This is a part of intelligence that only humans possess. Whether it be a gift or a curse, we must tread carefully. One may see it as a gift but if people are too set on their intentions, they lose sight of everything around them. When this occurs, they get blind-sided to all else including what life is truly trying to teach them. When this occurs, one may not notice the warning signs. Only truly skilled adepts would be able to tell.

Be Flexible

When life doesn’t go as planned, don’t worry. Don’t be too rigid with your thinking but be flexible enough so that you absorb new energies and new possibilities. When you learn to live with Life’s Flow, nothing will bother you because life just keeps on coming. What I mean by this is that by letting go of control, your energy is flowing. This means that all your blockages are gone. Things come as easily as things disappear. A lot of things will rapidly manifest right in front of your eyes and only the things that are meant to be will stick with you. There is always abundance because all the things you need continue to keep coming.

Do you ever notice that the Universe always takes care of you. When you need money, all of a sudden it appears. When you need help, all of a sudden it appears, whether it be in a form of a person, a dream, or a sign. The things that weren’t meant to be will never come so never fret those. Only the things that are meant to be will come and stick with you. The Universe will continually take care of you as long as you play your divine part.

It’s good to have dreams and desires but sometimes if we are too rigid, it blocks the life energy from us, which in turn drains our energy and creates blockages in our lives. You must learn how to flow with life. It’s a constant dance. Like Bruce Lee says: “Flow like Water.” If you aren’t attached to anything and accept everything that life offers, you will be a true adept.

To Let Go

Let there be no such things as expectations. Expectations is a forced kind of energy. It is very rigid and narrow. A supreme example of expectations is when you point your finger at a star thinking that it is totally aligned with it. The star is Trillions of light years away from the Earth. If you are pointing even 0.000001mm away from the target, you will miss your mark. Now that is expectations.

If you are too rigid with your thinking, there is no flexibility in your thinking. Your mind will be like stone, not accepting new ideas and possibilities. The moment one becomes like this, they have lost their manifesting capabilities. They can manifest the same things over and over in their lives but they can not manifest anything more than that. This is what being stuck in the rut is all about.

In the ancient Tao-ist ways, succeeding in life without really trying happens all the time when you let go of all forms of expectations. Energy flows to you when you let go of all control over your life. Blockages disappear once you accept everything as it is and hold no expectations. Just let the energy flow. It’s okay to feel emotions, just remember to let them go as freely as it came.

Expect Miracles to Happen

When you become like this, many miracles will begin to happen. Your path will begin to open. Your destiny will begin to reveal itself. You will notice many synchronicities happening. And let me be clear: Everything in your life will begin to align the moment you accept life for what it is and let go of all forms of control over your life.

This may mean that you quit your job. This may mean that you quit your relationship. And this just means that you will change to whom you’ve always wanted to become. You will no longer hold anything back nor care of what other people think. You will become your true self, the purest form of you.

Not many people live like this as their minds are so inter-woven with society. Society’s structure is so one-sided and so rigid in it’s way. The elite try to control us like this, swaying our opinions back and forth, back and forth, so that we continue to build and produce for them, to be their slaves forever. When you truly detach from society is when a different form of living appears.

When you let life flow, magical things will happen. When you truly relax and embrace life for what it is, your true life arrives. And remember, your destiny is already here. You will do what you were destined to do as it is all a part of God’s plan. We all need to play our part because that is why we exist in the first place. Fate just had it that you just had to come here.

Kind Regards,

Spencer Kumo

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