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How do I Overcome Life Challenges?

When life comes at you, you have 2 choices: either to Run or to Face It. Challenges are inevitable in life, without them there would be no growth. Is it not fun when you can grow? Of course it’s painful. Of course it’s stressful. Of course it’s scary. But we all have to face them. This is called life.

It’s the same as for Death, every single one of us must pass away some day. We can’t run from it. There should be no such thing as fear or embarrassment. It can exist temporarily but move yourself past that. Life hands us many things, some pleasant and some not so pleasant. Accept that.

Facing Challenges

If we run from challenges they would come back to us ten-fold and we would have to endure more pain over an extended period of time. If you want to spend more time being happy, go through the hard times head on and solve all of your problems while you are there. See all challenges as a way of levelling up.

Throughout the years I just chose to go at it head on and to get it over with. This saves so much time and troubles. Face things and get it over and done with so that you can encounter new situations in your life. Move forward with your life. Even though it may be stressful, painful, embarrassing, or scary, just do it and get it done so that you can have peace in your life. All of those negative emotions will disappear in a day or two.

When it gets to be a problem is when you procrastinate and run away from your challenges. Imagine being in that state for 2-3 years. That’s a waste of time which you could have been doing other things. You could have conquered all your challenges in 2-3 months then enjoyed the rest of the 2-3 years without putting yourself through so much turmoil.

Time is the most precious commodity that you have. You only have a short window of time that you are young. Face things head on and face all your fears so that you don’t become a grumpy old bitch later on in life.


Karma is resolved much quicker if you don’t hold on to your problems. If you conquer your challenges right away, your energy is free, it’s more released. But if you hold on to your problems and don’t do anything about them, it will taint your energy and take a lot out of you in the long run.

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Even cats must face their problems head on

You can even see this with people. Just imagine someone who’s life had been challenging but they went through all that. They are calm, and they have a smile on their face with laugh lines. Now imagine the person who’s been avoiding the most painful thing in their lives for a very long time. They are agitated, frustrated, and they have many stress lines on their faces. You can tell just by looking at people how they have handled their lives.

It’s better not to have any problems in our lives. That is why we fix our problems right away. If a challenge pops up, we conquer it right away. The more that you do this, the more fluid your life will become. Of course there will be some rough patches. Of course the challenges may last for several months or even years but face them so that you don’t have to go through them again.

Slay the dragon and the beast so that you don’t have to worry about them later on. Life just become easier once you do that. If you slayed all your dragons and beasts, your life is golden with nothing to worry about until life just happens again. The more that you face your challenges and take action, the easier your life will get. You will be able to face more and more and more until you reach new heights to which you have never encountered before.

Learn the Lesson

In the ancient teachings they state that a lesson is repeated over and over again until you learn from them. Only then can you move forward with your life. Then another life challenge will enter your life which you would have to learn from in order to progress even further.

If you’re sick of your life circumstances, do something about it. If there’s something that is a challenge, go after it. There is nothing to be scared of in this life. This life is only temporary anyways. There is nothing we can’t do. We are born again and again and again so don’t worry. Don’t worry about fucking up. Don’t worry about a thing. Just do what you think what’s right for you and for other people.

Do what you can and do what you want in your life. Don’t believe that this is just your only life. You can create the types of experiences that you want and that is the reason why we are here. Once you get past this you will be laughing about it 10 years from now and I might even be there beside you.

Your Truly,

Spencer K.

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