About Us

Common Grip first began in 2020 with the idea to educate people on Ancient Spiritual Teachings. Now we have grown to give you a variety of content including Self Development and Lifestyle. Our goal is to bring you uplifting educational content that improves your life. At Common Grip, we believe in bringing good energy and good karma. We believe that by helping each other, we create a better world.

In 2021, after seeing the effects that COVID had on some businesses, we started to add some products onto our Blog. For our collection, we work with hidden gems and undiscovered talent who have a passion for what they do. We believe that when Passion and Talent are combined, it produces a special kind of energy. That is the energy that we work with.

We believe that having Love for what you do is the most important thing. Also, the intentions behind your actions can be felt. If the intention is pure, good things will come. We strive to bring you more uplifting content that will improve your Lives.

I started this Blog: Common Grip because I felt an yearning to teach people this kind (spiritual) of information. I believe that now is the time since more people are getting open about things. I believe that this would be wonderfully beneficial to them and that they would be able to use this knowledge in their everyday lives for their own good.

And this is where I am today. I started this Blog so that I can help those in need. I believe that by helping people, they will in turn help others which creates a never ending cycle of people helping people. Life is short. I probably have about 50 more years left in my life and I want to be of benefit to everyone. I wish you a really good life. Don’t live just for yourselves but Live for others. Help Others and make a difference in this world; and most of all, live your own truths.

Spencer Kumo