The moment that we saw the light and the darkness was when we entered the 6th dimension. Everything began with the first dimension, then from there, everything split into 2, the positive and the negative. After that, the 3D helped us to figure out what are we going to experience from the positive and the negative. Then 4D gave us the context of time so that we could experience and focus on every timeline and every space. The 5D helped us to recognize the purpose behind all of that experience. In other words, it helped us in understanding the process of why everything was created. The 6D is the will to create the 2 paths in which the reality must be taken to understand the creation of everything. The 6th dimension helps you to transform the reality that you are currently acknowledging.

Matias De Stefano explains: “The sixth dimension was born from the third dimension and the third dimension was born from the sixth dimension. 3D and 6D live side by side together and is a part of one living organism. The 6th dimension was the dimension that has created every pattern that we know as material things but in the 6D you are not conditioned by time or space. The 6D perspective is where you can create any reality that you could possibly imagine. 6D is where the Architects of the universe exist, the Alchemists, the people that knows how to transform matter that knows how to reveal universes, that knows how to be free from time and space and to use them as tools.

The Purpose of the 6th Dimension

6D is where the Architects of the Universe reside
6D is where the Architects of the Universe reside

When you have come from 1D and split into 2, into the positive and the negative, creating 3D to experience, 4D to live the process of that reality, 5D to understand the process that was created, 6D is the one that helps you to transform the reality that you are acknowledging. When you have 4D as the base and the 5D on the top, the 5D and the 6D creates through the 4D the shape of an octahedron. The beings in the 6D has the possibilities to create realities. That is why 6D was split into the light ones and the dark ones.

The architects are the dark ones, they take the light energies and make a mix of them and create structures that spirits can experience with their senses. In 6D they are the builders of realities, the darkness transforms the light into many forms. When you are light and ask what are you capable of, you will need darkness to see that light, otherwise without darkness, you cannot see anything. If everything is light, you won’t be able to see anything because everything will be bright and light. That’s why light and darkness needs to coexist together. Darkness creates matter structures that helps you to find your own light through the mirrors and reflections of the universe.

The Angel and the Devil in the 6th Dimension

Light and darkness are complementary. The light ones are the ones that creates the purpose and the path towards the recognizement of the self and your awareness. The dark ones are the ones that take the light one’s information and started to create the distortion so that the beings can have a path of recognizement. The dark ones are the first ones that created matter into reality.

In the universe there is a purpose of being confused and being lost. The purpose of it is to find yourself through the path. We need to remember that the universe doesn’t have any particular goal, the only thing that it wants to do is to learn and to understand itself from many different perspectives. Through the process of 6D, the darkness purposefully complicates things so that we can understand more of ourselves. Throughout this confusion, it is an opportunity to find yourself through the path. These architects of reality creates structures that we must go through, they create all the realities in which we can awaken our potential.

The angels and demons work together in the 6D realm. They are not the type of angels and demons that we were taught.
The angels and demons work together in the 6D realm. They are not the type of angels and demons that we were taught.

The world is like a play with the personality being the tools that your soul needs to play a role in this world, only then can we become a character in this play. Everything you see in the theatre is created by the darkness. The darkness creates the surroundings so that you can have the tools and find yourself in the mirror of everyone and everything that is around you. The darkness is the one that helps you to find yourself as negative events and chaos are the events that usually awaken people.

Darkness is like winter as it is a moment where everything is dark and the energy is low. But it is winter that helps the plants to keep their energy. That amount of energy that is conserved during the winter comes out in the spring which enables the plants to express their true potential from within. That’s why the 6D is creating all the time situations where we light beings can express ourselves in many different situations because if everything is the same all the time then we are not learning. 6D pushes us to grow through problems and conflicts. We need something to solve emotionally, mentally, and physically so that we can understand what we are capable of.

Light is the path to understand. Darkness is the tool that we have to create the scenery in which we can experience new realities of light. Darkness shows us the ways in which we can evolve through crises, accidents, and misfortunes. Darkness helps us to grow. The dark beings are working towards our enlightenment, they are the architects of reality. The only way we can be in balance between the light and the dark is to become both, that is to become grey.

Angels and demons work together in the 6th dimension to guide our lives. The angels tell us that this is the path that would be good for us to understand who we are but oftentimes we do not listen to this calling so the angel has to go to the demon and say, “Look, you know how to handle this matter. I need him to understand that this is not his path and that he must be doing other things.” And the demon would say “Ok, I will put a crisis or accident in front of him to make him move towards his true path.” and then his life changed. Then the angel finally was able to lead him to his path through the help of the demon.

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